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Noun1.registered security - a security whose owner's name is recorded on the books of the issuer (or issuer's agent)
registered bond - a bond whose owner is recorded on the books of the issuer; can be transferred to another owner only when endorsed by the registered owner
certificate, security - a formal declaration that documents a fact of relevance to finance and investment; the holder has a right to receive interest or dividends; "he held several valuable securities"
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He disclosed in a statement that 260 security companies have been registered in the province and only 50 of these registered security firms meet satisfactory standards.
According to the company, the meeting materials for the upcoming special meeting were mailed to registered security holders in accordance with the previously granted court order.
The OTS conducted the Maritime Security Pilot program and introduced OTS Third Party Auditors and Registered Security Organizations during a five-day workshop last week at the Waterfront Airport hotel in Lapu Lapu City.
He also revealed at the meeting that registered security companies in the country could now renew their licence online.
(R) Haris Nawaz made it clear that no candidate would be provided police security guards neither private guards were allowed however the candidates were allowed to keep guards of registered security companies.
The Central Election Commission said it will open 10 polling centers with 26 polling stations in 25 localities of the West Bank with more than 200 registered security personnel.
Registered security staff a f nd taxi marshals will be on duty during the evening.
" TEM also supplies event managers, supervisors, general safety stewards, car park attendants, turnstile operators and Security Industry Authority (SIA) Door Registered security stewards More than million visitors are expected in Hartlepool, with 250,000 of these expected from outside the region.
He said without CCTV and registered security personnel at the catering unit crime and disorder could be caused.
There are about 6,000 registered security services companies in Mexico.
* The direct or indirect beneficial owner of more than 10% of any class of a registered security if the company were an issuer of securities; or

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