Being a specified year of a monarch's reign calculated from the date of accession: in her 12th regnal year.

[Medieval Latin rēgnālis, royal, from Latin rēgnum, reign; see reign.]


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) of a sovereign, reign, or kingdom
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) designating a year of a sovereign's reign calculated from the date of his or her accession
[C17: from Medieval Latin rēgnālis, from Latin rēgnum sovereignty; see reign]


(ˈrɛg nl)

of or pertaining to a sovereign, sovereignty, or reign: the second regnal year of Louis XIV.
[1605–15; < Medieval Latin rēgnālis= Latin rēgn(um) rule, kingdom + -ālis -al1; compare reign]
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21) The Henry IV lacuna is discernible from a discontinuity in the text itself: the sudden leap from regnal year 1 to regnal year 6 or 7.
The dramatic action is based almost exclusively on Holinshed, supplemented by Fabyan, Stow, and probably Grafton, (8) but effectively compressed to dramatize a ruinous sequence of events spanning more than two decades so as to highlight King Edward's regnal ineptitude, the de casibus rise and fall of Mortimer (his overreaching chief adversary), the king's rejection of his queen for his male favorites (Gaveston and Spencer, Jr.
Seascape and landscape loosened from regnal histories" promote more local loyalties, "sovereignty resides in the land and rivers," and another blow is struck against Jacobean "regicentricity
Of the documents listed above, I think it probable that item 7, dated 1410-11, refers to the 1409 events in item 6; that item 1 alludes to a different event from the later ones, although item 3, the temporary prohibition of "luyte," "iew enterludie," and so forth, may refer to these same activities; items 4 and 5 probably refer to the same event in 1390 and were recorded under two different years because of the complications arising from dating by regnal year.
This Latest title is based on five regnal periods: William and Mary, Anne and the first three Georges.
At about the same time I was seeking out Stockport's ancient dead, I had memorised all the regnal dates of English monarchs from 1066 and quite a few Saxon ones before that.
Dumville, "Kingship, Genealogies, and Regnal Lists," Early Medieval Kingship, ed.
If, however, one finds between the known times of 4th century Alexander and 6th century Necho II back to 1500 BCE that these regnal glyphs on pharaonic thrones - if they exist - do exhibit a variance between 23 [degrees] 47[minutes] and 23 [degrees] 50[minutes], one should get a much better handle on the absolute dating of dynasties from the Middle Kingdom on down to the post-Alexandrian Ptolemies.
Year 16 of Diocletian is not 301, as all commentators have supposed, but 300, since Eusebius' regnal year chronology is out by one year at this point.
Despite explicit instructions in the Act that anniversaries should be observed according to the New Style, on the King's personal decision his official birthday was put back from 11 to 22 June to avoid shortening the regnal year.
Pausanias may here be 'massaging' the regnal years to fit both Herodotus' statement about the relationship between Leobores and Lycurgus, and the more common tradition that the latter legislated in the time of Charillos.
Within the first two categories, the material is subdivided chronologically by regnal period, and then further by mint.