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1. Reigning; ruling: a queen regnant.
2. Predominant.
3. Widespread; prevalent.

[Probably from Middle English, a sovereign, from Old French, from Latin rēgnāns, rēgnant-, present participle of rēgnāre, to reign, from rēgnum, reign; see reign.]


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (postpositive) reigning
2. prevalent; current
[C17: from Latin regnāre to reign]
ˈregnancy n


(ˈrɛg nənt)

1. reigning; ruling (usu. used postpositively): a queen regnant.
2. exercising authority, rule, or influence.
3. prevalent; widespread.
[1590–1600; < Latin rēgnant-, s. of rēgnāns, present participle of regnāre to rule; see reign, -ant]
reg′nan•cy, n.
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Adj.1.regnant - exercising power or authority
powerful - having great power or force or potency or effect; "the most powerful government in western Europe"; "his powerful arms"; "a powerful bomb"; "the horse's powerful kick"; "powerful drugs"; "a powerful argument"


1. Exercising controlling power or influence:
2. Having preeminent significance:
3. Most generally existing or encountered at a given time:
References in classic literature ?
At this dim inceptive stage of the day Tess seemed to Clare to exhibit a dignified largeness both of disposition and physique, an almost regnant power, possibly because he knew that at that preternatural time hardly any woman so well endowed in person as she was likely to be walking in the open air within the boundaries of his horizon; very few in all England.
For the nine hundred and ninety-four to express dis- satisfaction with the regnant system and propose to change it, would have made the whole six shudder as one man, it would have been so disloyal, so dishonor- able, such putrid black treason.
Standing well at court, whether the king regnant was of the older or younger branch, whether the government was doctrinaire liberal, or conservative; looked upon by all as a man of talent, since those who have never experienced a political check are generally so regarded; hated by many, but warmly supported by others, without being really liked by anybody, M.
He was the spirit of regnant labor as he stood there, his hands outreaching to rend and crush his audience.
La revolution libyenne aidant, l'absence d'un interlocuteur officiel valable et le chaos regnant dans le pays voisin, les cliniques privees tunisiennes ne savent plus a quel saint se vouer, sauf a demander a leur gouvernement de plaider leur douloureuse cause aupres de ce qui reste des autorites constituees de Libye.
En fait, la synergie requise s'illustre a travers, une reelle volonte de faire prevaloir les points forts et raffermir les liens communs pour mettre en oeuvre une feuille de route a meme d'absorber les deficits regnant au sein d'une large population desheritee.
Meanwhile, according to another user, the king's wife becomes a queen because there are two types of queens - Queen Regnant and Queen Consort.
Vaughan demonstrates a similar capacity to take a diagonal path between regnant intellectual debates.
The dish about Cond` Nast's kings and queens regnant will be tasty to those who know them, but will anyone beyond their own (dwindling) clan even care?
Trump may have to use the tools of progressivism in order to achieve the destruction of the regnant progressive coalition, which would surely collapse if it were to lose enough black votes.
Queens regnant have typically been ill-defined figures, anomalous entities in a patriarchal society (Dugan 1997, xx).
Victoria is the only Queen Regnant to marry and give birth while on the throne and the challenges of being head of state as well as a wife and mother are legion.