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reg 1

n. Informal
A regulation.

reg 2

An extensive, hard desert surface consisting of wind-polished gravel lying on alluvial soil and cemented together by mineralized solutions.

[Maghrebi dialectal Arabic, from Arabic riqq, ruqq, from raqqa, to be thin, fine; see rqq in Semitic roots.]


[< Latin rēgīna]


1. regent.
2. region.
3. register.
4. registered.
5. registrar.
6. registry.
7. regular.
8. regularly.
9. regulation.
10. regulator.
References in classic literature ?
He added more naturally: "2nd Reg. Castille, Cavalry." Then with marked stress in Spanish, "En las filas legitimas."
Some books still subsisted, after Dobbin's departure, with his name written in them; a German dictionary, for instance, with "William Dobbin, --th Reg.," in the fly-leaf; a guide-book with his initials; and one or two other volumes which belonged to the Major.
Ordinary property is any property that would only produce ordinary income or loss (rather than capital gain or loss); see Regs. Sec.
* Dispositions of the transferred corporation's stock or securities; see Regs. Sec.
482 purposes, this relinquishment is a transfer of specified future exploitation rights; see Regs. Sec.
Practical problems: While the guidance provided in Regs. Sec.
Obligations that qualify as liabilities under Regs. Sec.
Basis calculations often fail to consider the positive effect Regs. Sec.
The partners' capital accounts will be maintained in accordance with Regs. Sec.
Because the OID under this calculation ($130,000) is more than the de minimis amount of OID for the loan, determined under Regs. Sec.