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tr.v. reg·u·lat·ed, reg·u·lat·ing, reg·u·lates
1. To control or direct according to rule, principle, or law.
2. To adjust to a particular specification or requirement: regulate temperature.
3. To adjust (a mechanism) for accurate and proper functioning.
4. To put or maintain in order: regulate one's eating habits.

[Middle English, from Late Latin rēgulāre, rēgulāt-, from Latin rēgula, rod, rule; see reg- in Indo-European roots.]

reg′u·la′tive, reg′u·la·to′ry (-lə-tôr′ē) adj.
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Adj.1.regulative - restricting according to rules or principles; "a regulatory gene"
restrictive - serving to restrict; "teenagers eager to escape restrictive home environments"


[ˈregjʊlətɪv] ADJreglamentario


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The CPD Law, they added, "only made the process very costly, more bureaucratic and unnecessary regulative.
ElectroniCast defines explosion proof lights (also known as hazardous location lighting and intrinsically safe lights) as lighting products, which are certified in accordance with and compliant to International regulative and safety standard bodies for use in areas where flammable petrochemical vapors and/or pulverized dust exist or have the potential to exist.
To analyze the moderating effects of institutional distance, we employ the framework of institutional pillars theorized by Scott (2014): regulative, normative, and cultural-cognitive institutions.
Yet this view is incomplete, and Kant's unique regulative notion of purposiveness relies on two criteria in order to capture organisms as natural purposes: a design criterion and an epigenesis criterion.
The underlying assumption is that regulation shapes industrial perspectives, which in turn shape the economic environment, economic perspectives of places and countries, and management strategies to deal with these regulative and economic environments.
He highlighted the modern regulative and legislative structure which can reinforce the kingdom's reputation as an investment destination.
His Royal Highness further highlighted the contribution of the Kingdom's modern regulative and legislative structure which helps boost the Kingdom's reputation as an investment destination.
Regulative Business Model: The focus is on serving constituents who are eligible for particular services while complying with categorical policy and program regulations.
But nothing was done or said about that so it's just one of those things where people have brought this to the attention of the regulative body.
The findings of the paper reveal that two types of regulative mechanisms co-exist in the area that govern the agricultural marketing system: the societal regulative mechanism and the commercialized regulative mechanism.
Instead, I regard Utopia as a counterfactual regulative ideal, whose functions are: (a) to delineate the defining elements of game-playing, and (b) to provide a normative element by which to criticize instances of game-playing, such as those found in the sports context.
During the Meeting, al- Ma'awali gave the Japanese guest a briefing on the Majlis A'Shura and its legislative and regulative roles.