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AL-Sabbagh presented a reified explanation over the great victories achieved by the Iraqi forces with all its apparatuses against the terrorist gangs on Daesh and the liberation of Iraqi territories, pointing out that these victories have reinforced the unity and cohesion of all Iraqis.
Brad Miller shows how reified proportionality analysis ends up also reifying, without clear notice, certain political/philosophical commitments over others.
He discusses the meaning of musical time; what groove is; whether groove is African; Bergsonianism and unmeasurable time; Schutz's "vivid present" and the social time of music; Adorno and reified time; meter, groove, and the times of capitalism; and history, modernism, and the time of music.
When others speak or act in ways that support our brittle, reified sense of self, making it feel real or important, we think of them as likable.
In achieving this position, the proletariat is able to break free of or to pierce the reified objectivity that is the "reality" recognized by bourgeois thought.
Granted, Eisen's conclusion of internal ambiguity is tantamount to that of the postmodern critique, yet setting up his book--in its very title--to begin with a reified notion of "Judaism out there" seems inconsistent with the insights of contemporary scholarship.
This instrumental understanding of pedagogy has reified the term both in the vernacular of education and in research of teaching and teacher education, leading the scientific pursuit of pedagogy to exclude the relationship between pedagogy and pedagogue.
Parade's End describes the historical moment as a process wherein the traditional forms, social practices and religious constructions are dissolved to be reconstituted more efficiently in the new form of reified social mechanisms.
Held in memory and reified in ways of acting socially, we learn that memories are never free from their historical context, even if that context is rooted not in truth, but in a reconstruction of it.
Among the mourners are those realists who recognise that in its (2) coffin lie merely two English words, informal and organisation, brought to prominence by human-relations-oriented organisational behaviour researchers and theorists such as Mayo (1946) and Roethlisberger and Dickson (1939), and reified by both admirers and sceptics alike.
Professor Krauss' bias toward a reified reason in the academy eventually serves to limit one's education as the processes and problems facing human thought and belief are neither addressed nor argued.
Black Arts women reified heterosexuality and nation, black and white lesbian feminist poets reified lesbian sexuality and lesbian 'ways of knowing.