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 (rē′ə-fī′, rā′-)
tr.v. re·i·fied, re·i·fy·ing, re·i·fies
To regard or treat (an abstraction) as if it had concrete or material existence.

[Latin rēs, rē-, thing; see rē- in Indo-European roots + -fy.]

re′i·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
re′i·fi′er n.


vb, -fies, -fying or -fied
(tr) to consider or make (an abstract idea or concept) real or concrete
[C19: from Latin rēs thing; compare deify]
ˌreifiˈcation n
ˌreifiˈcatory adj
ˈreiˌfier n


(ˈri əˌfaɪ, ˈreɪ-)

v.t. -fied, -fy•ing.
to convert into or regard as a concrete thing: to reify a concept.
[1850–55; < Latin rē(s) thing + -ify]
re`i•fi•ca′tion, n.


Past participle: reified
Gerund: reifying

I reify
you reify
he/she/it reifies
we reify
you reify
they reify
I reified
you reified
he/she/it reified
we reified
you reified
they reified
Present Continuous
I am reifying
you are reifying
he/she/it is reifying
we are reifying
you are reifying
they are reifying
Present Perfect
I have reified
you have reified
he/she/it has reified
we have reified
you have reified
they have reified
Past Continuous
I was reifying
you were reifying
he/she/it was reifying
we were reifying
you were reifying
they were reifying
Past Perfect
I had reified
you had reified
he/she/it had reified
we had reified
you had reified
they had reified
I will reify
you will reify
he/she/it will reify
we will reify
you will reify
they will reify
Future Perfect
I will have reified
you will have reified
he/she/it will have reified
we will have reified
you will have reified
they will have reified
Future Continuous
I will be reifying
you will be reifying
he/she/it will be reifying
we will be reifying
you will be reifying
they will be reifying
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been reifying
you have been reifying
he/she/it has been reifying
we have been reifying
you have been reifying
they have been reifying
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been reifying
you will have been reifying
he/she/it will have been reifying
we will have been reifying
you will have been reifying
they will have been reifying
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been reifying
you had been reifying
he/she/it had been reifying
we had been reifying
you had been reifying
they had been reifying
I would reify
you would reify
he/she/it would reify
we would reify
you would reify
they would reify
Past Conditional
I would have reified
you would have reified
he/she/it would have reified
we would have reified
you would have reified
they would have reified
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Verb1.reify - consider an abstract concept to be real
consider, regard, view, reckon, see - deem to be; "She views this quite differently from me"; "I consider her to be shallow"; "I don't see the situation quite as negatively as you do"
hypostatise, hypostatize - construe as a real existence, of a conceptual entity


[ˈriːɪˌfaɪ] VTcosificar


vtverdinglichen, reifizieren (Philos)
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One weakness in Christian liberation epistemology is a tendency to construct and reify a duality between those who are preferred by God and those who are not, a duality that makes it difficult, practically speaking, actually to love each person unconditionally in the way that Jesus taught.
So, while they reify the life of foetuses, the lives of women are not something about which they are concerned.
In a distinctly Lukacsian manner, Said seeks to show the means, the processes, by which Zionism has managed to reify both Palestine and Palestinians.
Second, as the study of religion has pointed out over the last thirty years, post-Enlightenment talk about religious traditions tended to reify or essentialize them.
Also described were situations where participants employed a discourse of 'manning up' to exert power over others with disregard for potential repercussions and deploy power to affirm and reify their own hyper-masculine identities.
This claim seems a cruel indictment of both Hughes and the Migration, even as it seeks to reify Hughes's reputation as being the poet of the urban black masses.
Bakhtin's notion of carnivalesque is used to examine how contradictory spatio-temporal contexts of GGW function as spaces that offer the opportunity to momentarily transgress and simultaneously reify white bourgeois norms of femininity.
If you can avoid getting lost in the technicality and get past the tendency to reify mental disorder (the chapter is built around whether one "'has a mental disorder"), the chapter appeals to the fanatic in logic.
A reading of Piers Plowman discloses how the institutionalization of Franciscan ideals tended to reify the sign of absolute poverty, which in turn tended, socially, to nullify the virtue of such poverty.
God is Red is a call to members of indigenous nations to reify their traditions and traditional beliefs.
The paper concludes that textbooks tend to present versions of reality that embody certain interests, reify certain interpretations and value judgments, and give promise to specific pieces of information while rendering others invisible or distorted.
Freud's 'great discovery' was to reify unconscious processes into unconscious things like a mathematician who still believed that it was possible to find the square roots of negative numbers.