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vt sepzügeln
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She doesn't always know when to rein back on her enthusiasm and has had some of her friendships rebuffed.
While the fall in Sterling has boosted visitor numbers to the UK, it is likely to push up the price of imported goods over time which will mean households will be more likely to rein back spending on non-essentials.
Drax blamed the "drastically different financial and regulatory environment" which has seen the wholesale price of electricity drop and moves by the Government to rein back support for low carbon technology.
The Government should rein back giving money to small councils when they go cap in hand for money just to satisfy the ego trips the councillors are on, especially Labour-run councils, at best a party that passed its sell-by date many years ago.
It came as a fresh diplomatic bid was launched to force President Putin to rein back his troops in Eastern Ukraine.
The owner still wanted to farm but was willing to rein back on the day-to-day running, and at 320 acres the farm was large enough to sustain a viable business, which could be shared.
The stage setting, choreography and lighting were faultless; and all that is needed to make this a great production is to rein back on the orchestral volume.
They demanded the SNP "grasp the nettle" and take unpopular decisions to rein back public spending.
The only thing he couldn't understand was rein back.
Recent reports had suggested the Government might rein back the amount of business it hands over to outsourcing companies.
The resultant budget cuts are forcing the public sector to rein back IT expenditure significantly.
They discussed the Kingdom's efforts to rein back a bulging deficit in the state budget and spur economic growth.