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tr.v. re·in·te·grat·ed, re·in·te·grat·ing, re·in·te·grates
To restore to a condition of integration or unity.

re′in·te·gra′tion n.
re·in′te·gra′tive adj.


characterized by integration; tending to restore unity
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A direct offspring of Braithwaite's ideas has been Canberra's Reintegrative Shaming Project (RISE).
While there are divergent views as to the utility of this proposal, it is the author's view that mere restorative practices of reintegrative shaming or an apology (183) is not sufficient and may even trivialise the offence.
This was a significant advance over the Tableau, which focused on circulation, demand, and expenditure in a reintegrative system, since Baudeau dealt in particular with production and distribution, in some cases also dealing with growth.
They relate to types of classification and risk assessment, including the pre-sentence investigation report; diversion (drug courts, mental health populations, and reentry courts); restorative justice programs such as family conferences, teen courts, reintegrative shaming, community justice, and victim-offender mediation; and probation, including recognizance and suspended sentences.
(3) And, of course, offenders must receive punishments that appear just and serve retributive, deterrent, and rehabilitative or reintegrative goals.
Creditors may interpret routinization as producing "too many" bankruptcies and possibly as inconsistent with a moral regulation model of bankruptcy where individuals are investigated, sorted and rehabilitated through a process of "reintegrative shaming." Iain Ramsay, Market Imperatives, Professional Discretion, and the Role of Intermediaries in Consumer Bankruptcy: A Comparative Study of the Canadian Trustee in Bankruptcy, 74 AM.
The Center for Community Alternatives' mission is to promote reintegrative justice and a reduced reliance on incarceration through advocacy, services and public policy development in pursuit of civil and human rights.
Letterkunde kan onder andere funksioneer met die doel om bepaalde werklikheidsaspekte wat uitgesluit is van die kulturele werklikheidsgeheel daarmee te herenig en sou dan deel wees van wat Zapf noem die diskoers oor herintegrasie (reintegrative interdiscourse).
Other topics include shame in classic Chinese philosophy, college students' perceptions of reintegrative shaming for criminals, the role of shame in prisoner confrontations, and suicidal behavior.
but a reintegrative experience--specifically, a reintegration of unconscious wishes that had been disowned because of their painful links with the chronic disillusionment specific to one's traumatic theme(s).
In Timor-Leste, community panels pursued the same goals while also requiring convicted perpetrators to perform reintegrative community service.
While many of the specific SEEQ items based on De Leon's original six dimensions were not confirmed in the factor analysis, a similar set of six broad categories representing essential TC elements was identified, encompassing a range of philosophical, disciplinary, therapeutic, and reintegrative features traditionally associated with TCs.