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tr.v. re·in·ter·pret·ed, re·in·ter·pret·ing, re·in·ter·prets
To interpret again or anew.

re′in·ter′pre·ta′tion (-tûr′prĭ-tā′shən) n.
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Noun1.reinterpretation - a new or different meaning
interpretation, reading, version - a mental representation of the meaning or significance of something
2.reinterpretation - a new or different interpretation
interpretation, rendering, rendition - the act of interpreting something as expressed in an artistic performance; "her rendition of Milton's verse was extraordinarily moving"
References in classic literature ?
It is clear that, if our analysis of physical objects has been valid, this way of defining sensations needs reinterpretation.
What's been really exciting to see is some of the reinterpretations of the exhibition.
He begins to tie together his reinterpretations to the aesthetics in Chapter 3.
The project method as a concept in educational history has undergone continuous changes and reinterpretations.
O'Riley, renowned for his classical reinterpretations of Radiohead's music, will perform works spanning Drake's three influential albums, including such songs as "River Man," "Northern Sky," "Three Hours" and "Pink Moon," reimagined for solo piano.
These modern reinterpretations of traditional handcarved Indian panels filter light and frame views of the campus.
For all of his intellectual prowess and his daring reinterpretations, however, Gates does not succeed in completely invalidating Baldwin's assessment of Uncle Tom's Cabin, for despite its classic standing.
Meanwhile, Le Tigre has just issued This Island Remixes, eight reinterpretations of tracks from their last album.
Carefully edited and intended to serve as an interim publication pointing the way to long-term production of final site reports, The Ancient Maya of the Belize Valley explores the land, the evidence, and the theories that can be drawn in meticulous detail, and points the way to future discoveries and reinterpretations of commonly held beliefs concerning long-ago civilizations.
These reinterpretations and analyses need to be performed on individual level data, like the census public use samples.
This short book, a guide to the historical development of the doctrine of the Trinity and its contemporary reinterpretations, will be welcomed by teachers of introductory theology classes.
The text of the document states: "In recent months, especially following the sad events of the September 11 terrorist attacks, articles appeared in newspapers alleging new revelations by Sister Lucia, announcements of letters of warning to the Pope, and apocalyptic reinterpretations of the Fatima message.