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tr.v. re·in·vig·o·rat·ed, re·in·vig·o·rat·ing, re·in·vig·o·rates
To give new life or energy to.

re′in·vig′o·ra′tion n.
re′in·vig′o·ra′tor n.
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Producing or stimulating physical, mental, or emotional vigor:
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According to Ogen, 'These distinguished and eminent pioneers of post-colonial Nigerian historiography will be in the College to deliberate on the strategies for resuscitating and reinvigorating historical scholarship in Nigeria.
The creation of conditions for stability and confidence is a prerequisite for reinvigorating the economic activity in Cyprus, Finance Minister Harris Georgiades said on Tuesday addressing the Reintroducing Ourselves, New Beginning conference in Nicosia.
High level panel: Reinvigorating Growth, Competitiveness and Investment with participation of Rosen Plevneliev, President of Bulgaria; Valdis Dombrovskis, Vice President of the European Commission and Suma Chakrabarti, EBRD President.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri and Uruguay's President Jose Alberto Pepe Mujica Cordano exchanged views over the latest regional and international developments, and explored new avenues for reinvigorating all-out relations.
Norton Schwartz, is reinvigorating the nuclear enterprise.
We want to explore ways of reinvigorating our coastal towns and breathing fresh life into our seaside resorts.
Along the way, they offer some key lessons that deal with: associating a "proprietary emotion" with your brand (presumably, a positive one); "outpacing the commoditization" of your products; spurring customers to seek out your brand; reinvigorating and repositioning mature or damaged brands; and selecting the best media for your message.
It's a reinvigorating experience, getting charged up about the industry and the profession they have chosen," said Margie Russell, executive director of NYARM.
The teachers of the LAUSD must step forward and share their wisdom about fixing the district and reinvigorating their profession.
government passed a bill reinvigorating the tax credit for parents who send their children to private schools.
In 1992, the Pope beatified Escriva in a gesture praised by many bishops who supported reinvigorating the mission of lay people.
Heizo Takenaka, state minister in charge of economic and fiscal policy, told the meeting that he shared the view with Omi that science and technology is the key to reinvigorating the economy, according to the officials.