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tr.v. re·ject·ed, re·ject·ing, re·jects
a. To refuse to accept, submit to, believe, or make use of: He rejected their version of what happened. The store rejected the merchandise because it was damaged. See Synonyms at refuse1.
b. To refuse to consider or grant; deny: The manager rejected all requests for time off. The college rejected the student's application.
a. To turn down (an applicant, as for a job); refuse to accept.
b. To refuse to accept (someone) as a lover, spouse, or friend; rebuff.
c. To refuse to give sufficient parental affection or care to (a child or young animal).
3. To spit out or vomit: The baby rejected the medicine.
4. Medicine To react to the introduction of (a transplanted organ or tissue) with a destructive immune response; fail to accept as part of one's own body.
n. (rē′jĕkt)
1. One that has been rejected: a reject from the varsity team; a tire that is a reject.
2. Slang A foolish or socially inept person.

[Middle English rejecten, from Latin rēicere, rēiect- : re-, re- + iacere, to throw; see yē- in Indo-European roots.]

re·ject′er, re·jec′tor n.
re·jec′tion (-jĕk′shən) adj.
re·jec′tive adj.
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The statement issued by Islamic State's local affiliate after the attack included an image of a young man carrying an assault rifle with a text describing him as a Pakistani named Abu Asim, saying that he attacked a gathering of "rejecter polytheists" - a term used by some extremist Sunni Muslims to describe the followers of the Shiite branch of Islam, reported The Washington Post.
Filtec's finger rejecter is described as a perfect choice for sorting and upright rejection of empty and full containers.
even a later theorist of the secular state such as Thomas Hobbes--recently lauded as the seminal rejecter of "political theology" and advocate of the "Great Separation"--devoted as many pages in his Leviathan to supporting his political views through painstaking scriptural exegesis and theological exposition as to the more secular social contract reasoning we focus on today.
Ashraf El Gazayerli, chairman of the Chamber of Food Industry (CFI) and a rejecter of the price tag decree who has announced his refusal many times before, said in a satisfied voice that he trusts the minister will apply the decree in a way that doesn't harm the interests of manufacturers.
The system's servo-cam rejecter will gently redirect any nonconforming container from the production stream without damage or spillage, while continuing to maintain maximum throughput.
CSI data preprocessor is composed of a diversity combiner, a resampler, decimation filter, a DC rejecter, and a band-pass filter.
(2007) "'Tu ne peux pas rejecter ton enfant!": Contrat entre les generations, securite sociale et vieillesse en milieu urbain Burkinabe', Colliers d'Etudes Africaines 185 (1): 93-116.
(3) Only God himself, the "rejecter" so to speak, acknowledges the hurt.
When courtship persistence becomes intrusive pursuit: Comparing rejecter and pursuer perspectives of unrequited attraction.
Notwithstanding Facebook turning him down, he along with Koum, his Yahoo colleague went on to create WhatsApp that was sold to his rejecter.
A model for simulating the performance of a pavement heating system as a supplemental heat rejecter with closed-loop ground-source heat pump systems, Journal of Solar Energy Engineering 122(4): 183-191.