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tr.v. re·jig·gered, re·jig·ger·ing, re·jig·gers Informal
To readjust or rearrange.


(riˈdʒɪg ər)

to change or rearrange.
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For another, and perhaps more importantly, our site has been rejiggered to accommodate the skyrocketing use of smart phones and tablets used to surf the net, a trend we have noticed on our site as well as the sites of our sister publications in Gardner Business Media.
In some instances, the court pointed out, they rejiggered lines to "to ensure Anglo control" of legislative districts.
To this end, there may be a second piece on view; related to Grosvenor's interest in rejiggered vehicles.
The movie takes us through the agony of the appeals process: He's forced to jump through hoop after hoop, and the inescapable conclusion is that the system, as rejiggered by conservative government forces, has been engineered to toss people off the welfare rolls.
Now, a year later, Verizon has rejiggered its "Custom TV" FiOS package to offer two basic options - and one includes ESPN and other sports networks.
As detailed here last week, the refurbished and rejiggered newspaper publishing business no longer report results in a complete and thorough manner.
The design team rejiggered the entire layout across multiple floors and peeled back the layers of the three historic buildings to showcase their character.
the simplest explanation) rather than a rejiggered nineteenth century German idealism, is that back in 1989 one part of the Left made a deal with another.
The Chicago Tribune has rejiggered its top editorial management.
So here I've rejiggered the traditional recipe in ways that simultaneously slim it down and bulk it up.
One classic wine country experience--a formal farm-to-table dinner at a Michelin-kissed restaurant--is being rejiggered.
The updated Office applications have been rejiggered to work more easily with touch-screen devices.