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tr.v. re·jig·gered, re·jig·ger·ing, re·jig·gers Informal
To readjust or rearrange.


(riˈdʒɪg ər)

to change or rearrange.
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Making new brain cells rejiggers memory circuits, and that can make it hard for animals to remember what they've learned, says Paul Frankland, a neuroscientist at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.
A rare instance of this line of inquiry comes from Henrot herself, who has an uncanny eye for the ways in which virtual space rejiggers anthropological taxonomies.
According to reports, changes are afoot at A-B breweries around the country, as the company rejiggers its production system to address falling demand for beer.
I call it the New Racism lexicon, which takes straightforward words and rejiggers them with insidious new meanings that express the same prejudices, just less overtly.
conjure Jack Pierson's word sculptures, while Gary Green sends up the same storefront signage as Adam McEwen, and Greg Jones rejiggers messages in an analogously humorous, if subtler, way in Margret's Malted: Where Friends Meet .
The bill, approved last week by the House and Senate, rejiggers the approach to Department of Homeland Security funding so that much of what previously was allocated according to state population instead will be allocated according to risk factors.
Come December 14-on a Cultural District site opposite Louis Kahn's perfect little Kimbell Art Museum, near an Amon Carter Museum of western art that Philip Johnson can't quite seem to get right no matter how many times he rejiggers it, and not too far from (we kid you not) the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame-a grand new MAMFW will open to the public.