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v. re·lat·ed, re·lat·ing, re·lates
1. To give an account of (an occurrence, for example); narrate. See Synonyms at describe.
2. To establish or demonstrate a connection between: I related his grumpiness to a lack of sleep.
1. To have connection, relation, or reference: how education relates to income; a question relating to foreign policy.
2. To have or establish a social relationship; interact: She relates well to her peers.
3. To understand or react favorably to someone or something: I just can't relate to these new fashions.
Phrasal Verb:
relate back
Law To treat as accomplished on an earlier date although actually done on a later date.

[Obsolete French relater, from Old French, from Latin relātus, past participle of referre : re-, re- + lātus, brought; see telə- in Indo-European roots.]

re·lat′er n.
References in classic literature ?
Yet went she not, as not with such discourse Delighted, or not capable her eare Of what was high: such pleasure she reserv'd, ADAM relating, she sole Auditress; Her Husband the Relater she preferr'd Before the Angel, and of him to ask Chose rather; hee, she knew would intermix Grateful digressions, and solve high dispute With conjugal Caresses, from his Lip Not Words alone pleas'd her.
2005), the social exchange of costs and rewards (Kelley & Thibaut, 1978; Murstein & Azar, 1986; Rusbult, 1983), the sense of over-benefiting and under-benefitting in inequitable relationships (Walster, Berscheid, & Walster, 1973), the perception of under-contributing and over-contributing when relaters manage relational distress (Sprecher, 2001), degrees of record-keeping to maintain equity (e.
The fundamental sources of Islam are the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet- a term which in Ancient language meant 'ancestral precedent' or the 'custom of the tribe', but which is now synonymous with the teachings and traditions of the Prophet Muhammad as transmitted by the relaters of authentic tradition.
The sale included a coin-operated laundry business and all relaters, equipment and restaurant equipment.
Chuck bares his soul as he relaters how a "look in the mirror" revealed his human frailties.
Smith had explained that people want to be communicated with as they like to communicate, and four basic personality styles define how people prefer to give and receive information: directors, socializers, relaters, or thinkers.
Endorsing the idea the Turkmen Ambassador said the recent visit fo Pakistan high powered delegation to Turkmenistan is a welcome development of far reaching consequences it provides a solid foundation for further expanding and consolidating economic relaters between the two countries, he added.
Even though many men are relaters, the value of that isn't appreciated.
TABLE 1 Number of dung beetles and ants attracted to scats of Didelphis using pitfalls in an urban forest fragment of 5 ha in southern Brazil during colder and warmer months of 2000 Species or group No of individuals April July October Scarabeidae and relaters Dichotomius assifer 29 / 1 16 / 0 21 / 0 Eurysternus cyanescens 80 / 12 0 / 0 41 / 7 Coleopterans of 5 to 10 mm 6 / 0 41 / 0 7 / 1 Coleopterans < 5 mm 81 / 6 21 / 1 104 / 13 Formicidae Acromirmex spp.
These types of stories are variously known as urban myths or urban legends, tales which the relaters would often like to believe to be true rather than the actual truth.
He begins with the resolve 'to insert nothing in this Treatise, but what I had received upon the Credit of those that had been Eye-Witnesses of their own Relations', which might be compared with Milton's reference only to 'Eye-Witnesses, or immediate Relaters from such as were' (CPW viii.
When combined, the axes form four quadrants that identify different, recognizable, and habitual behavior patterns--socializer, director, thinker, and relater.