relational database management system

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Noun1.relational database management system - a database management system designed to manage a relational database
database management system, DBMS - a software system that facilitates the creation and maintenance and use of an electronic database
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The company's Relational Database Management System has become the toast of companies worldwide, with popular brands such as Amazon Web Services, Redhat, MicroStrategy, and intel, leveraging Altibase's innovative technologies to enhance the performance and cost-effectiveness of their OEM solutions.
After the introduction, the teaching module explains that the standard SQL (Structured Query Language) is supported by any relational database management system so that users of the database are able to retrieve needed information by using SQL statements.
The main three components are a relational database management system (RDBMS), a graphic user interface (GUI) for database interaction, and a mathematical/statistical software program.
For instance, storing data in ArcSDE provides the flexibility to make data accessible to ArcMap users over the Internet and to store data in a relational database management system (RDBMS).
With this addition, Genero customers can now take advantage of the first patented relational database management system (RDBMS) to take full advantage of the very latest microprocessor architectures.
Included in Acucorp's extend are solutions that enable COBOL applications to: interoperate with .NET, Java and XML; be deployed as Web services in a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA); be accessible on the Internet or through a PDA; display a graphical user interface (GUI); access a relational database management system (RDBMS); benefit from streamlined processing via thin client architecture; or be migrated to more than 600 Linux, UNIX or Windows platforms.
Both MicroarrayDB and LIB were developed based on the Oracle relational database management system (Oracle Corp., Redwood Shores, CA).
AccTrak21 is based on a SQL relational database management system providing a high level of concurrency, security and flexibility.
Our integrated administrative system is built on a relational database, and the relational database management system (RDMS) is the key to managing and using all the data associated with PCC.
The database structure has been completely re-designed, the data converted and loaded into a relational database management system, and scientific application modules were created to analyze the results of database searches.

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