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Noun1.relative incidence - the relative frequency of occurrence of something
relative frequency, frequency - the ratio of the number of observations in a statistical category to the total number of observations
morbidity - the relative incidence of a particular disease
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The Capital Punishment Research Project in the United States found that murders in specific states did not decline upon imposition of the death penalty, while relative incidence of murders did not vary significantly between states with capital punishment and those without.
Relative Incidence of Different Thyroid Cancers Type of Thyroid Cancer Number of Cases Percentage Papillary carcinoma 35 70 Follicular carcinoma 12 24 Hurthle cell carcinoma 2 4 lymphoma 1 0.5 Table IV.
Relative incidence of reproductive disorders among various grades of crossbred cattle at different location in NWEP.
The relative incidence density (RID) per SD was calculated for each of PIIINP and ICTP using 3 levels of adjustment.
Relative incidence rate of MGU (110 patients) among male patients attending dermatology OPD and STI clinic (22,528 patients) was found to be 4.88 per 1000.
The present study is conducted to study the relative incidence of various testicular tumors among different age groups and histomorphological patterns of testicular tumors at SNMC, Bagalkot, and peripheral centers, Bagalkot, one of the tertiary care centers in North Kamataka.
Conventional osteosarcoma, the most common primary bone tumor, showed a much higher relative incidence among the Chinese JST than the MC patients (50.0% [2097 of 4193] versus 20.4% [1449 of 7106] of all primary malignant bone tumors).
However, while the relative incidence of NHL for successive generations continued to increase, the relative increase became less pronounced for mortality, and eventually declined.
This finding proved to be the case in northeastern Thailand, where the incidence of human melioidosis is high and where a small population of goats also had a high relative incidence. Such was not the case in the west, however, where the relative incidence of goat melioidosis was high, but human cases have not been reported in the literature.
After a median follow-up of 35 months, exemestane significantly reduced the relative incidence of invasive breast cancers by 65%, from 0.55% in the placebo group to 0.19% in the exemestane group.
Nonetheless, recent studies report a higher relative incidence of papillary carcinoma giving rise to bone metastases (4).