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1. Of or relating to relativism.
2. Physics
a. Of, relating to, or resulting from speeds approaching the speed of light: relativistic increase in mass.
b. Having to do with or based on the theory of relativity: relativistic mechanics.
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1. (General Physics) physics having or involving a speed close to that of light so that the behaviour is described by the theory of relativity rather than by Newtonian mechanics: a relativistic electron; a relativistic velocity.
2. (General Physics) physics of, concerned with, or involving relativity
3. (Philosophy) of or relating to relativism
ˌrelativˈistically adv
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(ˌrɛl ə təˈvɪs tɪk)

1. pertaining to relativity or relativism.
2. Physics.
a. subject to the special or the general theory of relativity.
b. having a velocity that is close to the speed of light: radiation from relativistic electrons.
rel`a•tiv•is′ti•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.relativistic - relating or subject to the special or the general theory of relativity; "relativistic quantum mechanics"; "relativistic increase in mass"; "radiation from relativistic particles"
natural philosophy, physics - the science of matter and energy and their interactions; "his favorite subject was physics"
2.relativistic - of or relating to the philosophical doctrine of relativism
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[ˌrelətɪvˈɪstɪk] ADJrelativista
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What is at stake is not "totalitarian pluralism," nor an exclusive demand by Christianity, nor a relativistic one.
The exact solution of the Dirac equation with any potential is an important subject in relativistic quantum physics.
In particular, Kramer (1983) proposed that there were three recurrent themes underlying the "postformal operational" models, as they came to be known: "(a) awareness of the relativistic nature of knowledge, (b) acceptance of contradiction, and (c) integration into the dialectical whole" (Kramer, Kahlbaugh, & Goldston, 1992, p.
"People tend to just ignore relativistic effects, but relativistic effects are everywhere," he says.
This theory is very suitable for the geometrical study of the relativistic non-autonomous (rheonomic) Lagrangians, that is of the Lagrangians depending on an usual relativistic time [7], [9] or depending on a relativistic multi-time [8], [10].
Second, it argues that the avowed aim of Fear of Knowledge, to dislodge relativistic conviction, could hot be served even if Boghossian's argument worked perfectly on its own terms.
Voloshin, a Farmington Hills resident, was recog nized for his "numerous seminal contributions to the methods and interpretation of collective flow in relativistic nuclear collisions.
Kramer (1983) proposed three themes running through postformal thinking: (a) awareness of the relativistic nature of knowledge, (b) acceptance of contradiction, and (c) integration of contradiction into the dialectical whole.
When their radically relativistic theories of culture and knowledge are applied reflexively--as intellectual probity demands--all their claims dissolve into incoherent mush.
Here we can see how pro-Foundly insufficient is a relativistic conception of the person when it comes to justifying and defending his rights.
The team explains how electric charges in graphene appear to behave like relativistic particles (called massless Dirac fermions) with zero rest mass, and are described by Einstein's relativity theory (the so-called Dirac equation).

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