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Noun1.relay link - an amplifier for restoring the strength of a transmitted signalrelay link - an amplifier for restoring the strength of a transmitted signal
amplifier - electronic equipment that increases strength of signals passing through it
communication equipment, communication system - facility consisting of the physical plants and equipment for disseminating information
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In addition, the above results indicate that the outage probability of the user [D.sub.f] only depends on the fading parameters of relay link ([[alpha].sub.SR], [mathematical expression not reproducible], [[beta].sub.SR], [mathematical expression not reproducible])' while the outage probability of user Dn is limited by the fading parameters of both direct and relay links ([mathematical expression not reproducible]).
After DFT operation, we obtain [X.sub.d] = [[[X.sub.d,1],...,[X.sub.d,k],...,[X.sub.d,N]].sup.T] from direct link and [Y.sub.d] = [[[Y.sub.d,1],..., [Y.sub.d,k],..., [Y.sub.d,N]].sup.T] from relay link respectively in two time slots at D.
However, when selecting a relay terminal it has conventionally been difficult to detect the communication route (relay link) that enables the highest quality images.
NEC's new technology was developed using the Relay Link Throughput Estimation Method, which estimates communication throughput based on the quality of wireless communications, taking into account the differences in the resources available for wireless communications as well as modulation/coding schemes, and then integrates the relay link.
Where ySR is the signal obtained from source to relay link. The parameters hRD is the random complex multipath fading channel of the source to destination link.
However, the RN and BS are located at a certain distance from each other, in which the SINR at UE from the relay link is equal to the SINR for direct link, where the user is in a handover case [15].
An upper-bound on end-to-end SNR was considered in [12], which was further approximated using Pade approximation to find out the MGF of SNR in the multihop relay link. (For details on Padee approximation and ensuing derivations of the MGF, readers are suggested to refer [16].) This MGF was then utilized to obtain an approximate average [P.sub.d] expression for multihop relay link transmission.
The video relay link, in which users with a computer and webcam see messages delivered by a sign language interpreter, is due to go nationwide next year.
When airborne, the HNRe2 network automatically connected the two R3G cells on the ground, demonstrating the HNRe2's capability to act as a relay link and simulating separation of up to 150 km between the R3G sites.
Nera Networks' history in Bulgaria dates as far back as the 1970s when the company worked with the state-owned entities in Bulgaria starting manufacturing activities in a radio equipment plant in Sofia based on a Nera license for a technology transfer of High Capacity Analogue Microwave Radio Relay Link production.
The Base Station and relay link is assumed to be good enough to support this mode of operation (due to strategic relay locations and high-gain antennas).Effective SINR based algorithm has two steps: