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Noun1.relay transmitter - an amplifier for restoring the strength of a transmitted signalrelay transmitter - an amplifier for restoring the strength of a transmitted signal
amplifier - electronic equipment that increases strength of signals passing through it
communication equipment, communication system - facility consisting of the physical plants and equipment for disseminating information
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Tenders are invited for Replacement Of Old 10 Kw Transmitter With 100Kw Drm Relay Transmitter At Air Visakhapatnam Sh Providing Internal Electrical Installation Including Sdb S And Mcb S
The Voice of America broadcasts to much of Africa from a relay transmitter station in Sao Tome.
After a long campaign led by Dennis, the fuzzy reception in the Eston area was soon to be a thing of the past as a new relay transmitter was to be built in the Eston Hills.
I was informed I must be wrong, until they took my postcode and decided I might well be right, although there's a relay transmitter I could try.
Mr Beith says this has caused complete confusion over when the Halidon Hill relay transmitter goes digital and how long local viewers have got to upgrade their TV equipment.
We had no intention for our signal being so strong it would carry that far, so we've modified our plans slightly so that we don't cause any interference to either the BBC or to Channel Four, who have a relay transmitter at Harborne, Birmingham.
The Tonyrefail relay transmitter, the last in Wales to switch, hosted a tea party among a sea of black, pink and white balloons and the countdown clock, as the final analogue TV signals around Cardiff were switched off for good.
Berwick MP Alan Beith, pictured, met officials from Ofcom to try to sort out the confusion over when the Berwick relay transmitter at Hallidon Hill will be switched over to digital transmission.
Mrs Cooper said: "I have now had assurances from Ofcom that an additional relay transmitter will be installed.
Many people across North Wales have raised this with me, in particular those in the Rhosllannerchrugog and Penycae area who have to rely on the relay transmitter for their Moel y Parc signal.
his digital TV is provided on a relay transmitter, he gets less than half of the 48 channels available.
Since digital switch-over, the vast majority of people in east and north-east Wales still choose to tune into English transmitters as they offer a larger choice of channels, as opposed to the Welsh relay transmitters which only broadcast Freeview-lite and its minimal range of channels.