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1. Capable of being released: releasable documents; releasable prisoners.
2. Intended or configured to release: releasable ski bindings.

re·leas·a·bil′i·ty n.
re·leas′a·bly adv.


1. capable of being released
2. intended for release
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A portion of a first end of the second container is releasably coupled to an end of the first container such that a contiguous conduit is defined for the first hair dye component and the second hair dye component.
Specifically, claim 72 of the '700 patent recites: 'a reciprocating member mounted within said housing and having portion [sic] exterior to said housing,' and 'a cannula releasably attached to the portion of said reciprocating member exterior to said housing.
A latching mechanism moves between engaged and disengaged positions to releasably couple the one spindle unit to the second spindle unit within the shell assembly throughbore.
The flooring component has a top surface for being exposed after installation and a base surface, a pressure-sensitive adhesive carried on a foam tape applied and permanently adhered directly to the base surface of the flooring component for providing an attachment interface surface for adhering the flooring component to the subfloor, and a protective release cover applied and releasably adhered to the attachment interface surface of the adhesive to protect the adhesive until removal of the release cover when the flooring component is applied to the subfloor.
The cleaning composition is releasably associated with the first section, the cleaning composition comprising a green surfactant; and disinfecting/sanitizing composition releasably associated with the second section, the disinfecting/sanitizing composition comprising a green disinfecting/sanitizing agent.
The process involves the following steps: forming a first moving web of filled pouches releasably mounted on a first moving endless surface; forming a second moving web of filled and sealed pouches releasably mounted on a second moving endless surface; securing or sealing the first and second moving webs to form a sealed or secured web; and separating the secured or sealed web into the water-soluble multi-compartment pouches.
US 8,377,459 B2; Procter & Gamble Company has patented a wet wipe comprising a nonwoven material releasably carrying an oil-in-water emulsion composition.
The disposable absorbent article comprises: an absorbent chassis having a first waist region, a second waist region, and a crotch region extending in a longitudinal direction of said chassis between said waist regions; a first elastic elements provided in at least said first waist region and stretchable and contractible in a transverse direction of said chassis; second elastic elements provided along transversely opposite sides of said crotch region; and fasteners provided along transversely opposite side edge portions of said first waist region and releasably directly engageable, in use, with corresponding areas of said second waist region to releasably connect said first and second waist regions when said article is being worn.
Each of said first and second engaging components comprises a base and a plurality of engaging elements extending from the base, wherein the third elastically extensible flap comprises a first plurality of fiber elements releasably engaged with the first engaging component of said first tab, and wherein the fourth elastically extensible flap comprises a second plurality of fiber elements releasably engaged with the second engaging component of said second tab such that the pant-like disposable absorbent article comprises leg openings and a waist opening and is in a pull-on configuration, wherein at least one of the first, second, third and fourth elastically extensible flaps comprises a plurality of elastic strands.