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1. One that releases: a releaser of shipments.
2. A stimulus that releases a specific behavior pattern in an animal.


(rɪˈli sər)

1. a person or thing that releases.
2. a sign or stimulus, as a patch of color or a sound, that initiates a stereotyped behavioral response in an animal.
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The releaser and release have agreed to settle in order to avoid the inconvenience, distractions, and inherent uncertainties associated with any legal proceeding, and the additional legal fees and expenses of continuing this dispute, according to the agreement.
Sheikh Jassim was the helper of the oppressed, releaser of the prisoners, and set the enslaved free.
The CPP should be legalised from the batch releaser country, which is considered the country of origin even if the bulk pharmaceutical active ingredients were manufactured elsewhere and only packed in the batch releaser country.
The Californian retro-rocker is a tireless releaser of records, each mining a similar seam of 1960s and 1970s underground rock, all guitar fuzz, stomping drums and snotty Marc Bolan yowl.
Cell viability was examined in both LHON and control lymphoblasts after 48 h incubation with different amounts of the NO releaser.
1988) reported that Inosine is exclusively used as oxygen releaser in buffaloes (with low levels of haemoglobin) recovered from post parturient haemoglobinuria, as it reduced the respiratory distress and concluded that buffaloes with very low levels of haemoglobin (3.
The trials found that Ghrelin is a potent releaser of GH in normal individuals, with a dose-response pattern of operation.
Pack a travel-size bottle of Dry Cleaner's Secret Wrinkle Releaser Plus spray (available for $2.
Detection of antibodies to melanocytes and identification in a high antiserum capacity to external segments of photoceptors and Muller's cells at patients with an active uveitis at VKH syndrome, according to many authors, is a releaser in development of autoimmune reaction (see, e.
What is important is that when people with asthma exercise they should have releaser and inhaler with them.