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1. Unyielding in severity or strictness; unrelenting: relentless persecution.
2. Steady and persistent; unremitting: a relentless drumbeat.

re·lent′less·ly adv.
re·lent′less·ness n.
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Noun1.relentlessness - mercilessness characterized by an unwillingness to relent or let up; "the relentlessness or their pursuit"
unmercifulness, mercilessness - inhumaneness evidenced by an unwillingness to be kind or forgiving
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(rəˈlent) verb
to become less severe or unkind; to agree after refusing at first. At first she wouldn't let them go to the cinema, but in the end she relented.
reˈlentless adjective
without pity; not allowing anything to keep one from what one is doing or trying to do. The police fight a relentless battle against crime.
reˈlentlessly adverb
reˈlentlessness noun
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But at that he would gladly have had them all back in the land of the living could he thus have been freed from the menace of the frightful creatures who pursued him with awful relentlessness, screaming and growling at him every time they came within sight of him.
Then it was that the cruelty of the sea, its relentlessness and awfulness, rushed upon me.
There has to be a relentlessness that allows you to last so long at one football club under him.
"The speed of that team, and the relentlessness of the players, I think that's what's allowed them to be successful."
England and Wales Cricket Board chairman Giles Clarke yesterday predicted that the national team would have to adopt a football-style rotation system to avoid player burnout, given the relentlessness of the international game.
He condemned all three defendants for the relentlessness of their violence, saying Mr Hurst must have been 'absolutely terrified' and adding: 'None of you showed any mercy whatsoeverThroughout yesterday's hearing, Sawdon of Bolsterstone, near Stocksbridge, South Yorks; Peeters, of Glebelands Road, Stocksbridge, and James of Stanwell Avenue, Wincobank, Sheffield, sat in the dock with two security guards and a social worker.
There has been a relentlessness to his growth and productivity that reminds one of an artist like Dieter Roth.
And it is Leicester's relentlessness that convinces Evans they will claim the final Heineken Cup qualification slot on May 31.
But Milanovic's video images of Milosevic telling disgruntled Serbs in Kosovo that "nobody should beat you again" and RTS' relentlessness broadcasts of these scenes triggered a nationalist fervor in Serbia that catapulted Milosevic to power, and his countryman on the path to war.
Still, one might think the media's relentlessness a bit much for an aggregation of individuals not especially renowned for highfalutin family morals.
His relentlessness is also a big factor for OKC ranking highest in turnovers forced rating (18.8)-the best in the NBA.
If there was to be any complaints here, it'd be the pure relentlessness of Wired.