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1. Unyielding in severity or strictness; unrelenting: relentless persecution.
2. Steady and persistent; unremitting: a relentless drumbeat.

re·lent′less·ly adv.
re·lent′less·ness n.
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Noun1.relentlessness - mercilessness characterized by an unwillingness to relent or let up; "the relentlessness or their pursuit"
unmercifulness, mercilessness - inhumaneness evidenced by an unwillingness to be kind or forgiving


عَدم رأفَه، قَسْوَه
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(rəˈlent) verb
to become less severe or unkind; to agree after refusing at first. At first she wouldn't let them go to the cinema, but in the end she relented.
reˈlentless adjective
without pity; not allowing anything to keep one from what one is doing or trying to do. The police fight a relentless battle against crime.
reˈlentlessly adverb
reˈlentlessness noun
References in classic literature ?
But at that he would gladly have had them all back in the land of the living could he thus have been freed from the menace of the frightful creatures who pursued him with awful relentlessness, screaming and growling at him every time they came within sight of him.
Then it was that the cruelty of the sea, its relentlessness and awfulness, rushed upon me.
Despite the relentlessness of the hackers, the FCM360 network has not gone down during the current DDoS attack wave.
As impressive as Adil Rashid's turnaround was with the ball, it was Cook's relentlessness with the bat that made the biggest impact in the match and will leave a huge scar on Pakistan as they all head to Dubai.
As impressive as Adil Rashid was with the ball, it was Cook's relentlessness with the bat that made the biggest impact and will leave a huge scar on Pakistan ahead of Dubai.
Even without Cooper's 2-3 contribution the relentlessness of the Kerry bench that day stood out.
Persuasively confident, she brushed aside the physical and technical challenges of the piece to give an impressive, spirited performance, although occasionally the relentlessness of the solo part led to a little loss of tone.
The album is propelled by that relentlessness and by the artist's own fearlessness.
They have told me this, but the sheer relentlessness of it had never registered.
The most important thing [for my teammates] is that they understand the relentlessness they have to play with.
Karachi, a seaside metropolis and marred by continued violence of over two decades, did not see any relentlessness here in the month of Holy Ramadan even.
The relaxed relentlessness, the air of impersonal intimacy, that sense they create of having just been with you despite not having been with you for quite a while; of resuming a rolling conversation that you have not, in fact, been having, that was broken off rather dramatically, actually, by definitive pledges by both parties.