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Noun1.religious mystic - someone who believes in the existence of realities beyond human comprehensionreligious mystic - someone who believes in the existence of realities beyond human comprehension
worshipper, believer, worshiper - a person who has religious faith
quietist - a religious mystic who follows quietism
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A famously talented and gifted orgamst, composer, ornithologist, and religious mystic, Messiaen is both celebrated and incompletely understood still today.
World's famous Pakistani religious mystic music Kavvali's performer Faez Ali Faez gave splendid concert to the Turkish people on Monday night.
She was a religious mystic in the Anglo-Catholic tradition; when she first moved to Washington, D.C., she had hoped to live simply and quietly with Anglican nuns at a convent in the Maryland suburbs while carrying out her official duties.
This is most apparent in her study of Seve, in which she compares his idealization of his love with the work of the religious mystic, Marguerite of Navarre.
The intelligence coming from Iran, as is the case today, was suspect, and no one at the table understood the religious mystic named Khomeini, whom they generally dismissed as a pawn in the hands of some state power.
One hopes that the Pope's haste has nothing to do with the prophecy Padre Pio, a religious mystic who predicted the Pole would become vicar of Christ on Earth - and that his rule would end in bloodshed.
In another sense, it is not a new thesis: several authors have argued that Wittgenstein was a religious man, perhaps a religious mystic. The first difficulty with a thesis of this sort is that Wittgenstein famously told his friend M.O.C.
Aging actress Anne-Marie Blanc and architect Mario Botta share 21st place with the late cabaret artist Alfred Rasser and the 15th-century hermit and religious mystic Niklaus von der Flueh (also know as "Brother Klaus").
In both, there is hope for a millennial restoration of traditional justice in an increasingly powerful and commercial state, the inspiration of a religious mystic drawing on both Catholic and folk tradition, and finally, the stunning ability to defeat superior military forces (three times in both cases) before the ultimate bloodbath.
Torgovnick paints Dian Fossey, the author of Gorillas in the Mist, as an outsider to academic scientific practice, a religious mystic whose response to "[waking] up one morning awash in a sea of warm diarrhetic dung" was not revulsion but joy that the sick baby gorilla she'd taken to bed with her was likely to recover.
Not only was Newton a religious mystic but his conception of the universe as a kind of mechanical clock, constructed and set in motion by God, is about as religious an idea as you can find.
The presidency of Abdurradman Wahid is also considered as case material, as he is also a kyai (a leader of the pesantren community combining roles of religious mystic and scholar).

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