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Noun1.religious orientation - an attitude toward religion or religious practices
orientation - an integrated set of attitudes and beliefs
agnosticism - a religious orientation of doubt; a denial of ultimate knowledge of the existence of God; "agnosticism holds that you can neither prove nor disprove God's existence"
atheism, godlessness - the doctrine or belief that there is no God
anti-Catholicism - a religious orientation opposed to Catholicism
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El Hosseini said, "The terms of choosing a name and logo must take into account many considerations including expressing the Egyptian personality/uniqueness, originality, simplicity, lack of complexity (not more than two words -- easy pronunciation), clarity of meaning and no ambiguity, and not expressing political party or religious orientation and many other determinants mentioned on the website."
It must not be ambiguous and cannot express a political party or religious orientation. The company mentioned many other conditions on its website including being in Arabic and sounding nontraditional.
Each unique religious orientation (i.e., extrinsic, intrinsic, quest, and orthodox) is associated with specific social outcomes, and determining the distinguishing features of each orientation is important for establishing how they relate to traditional ideological values.
First, we hypothesized that religious IH would be a positive predictor of having a quest religious orientation. People who have a quest religious orientation view their religion as a search for truth and are more comfortable with changes or shifts in their religious views over time (Batson, Schoenrade, & Ventis, 1993).
In my article on 'Religious Orientation', I highlighted that; 'In the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), a believer's relationship with God revolves around worship - praising Him and seeking His help and guidance for the future.
The celebrations last for more than a week, during which sacred rituals are performed at the Gurdwara and sweets and langar are offered, irrespective of religious orientation.
Yet, irrespective of who they vote for, such people donate generously to charitable organisations with a religious orientation.
(GMT+4), a group of 150-200 people of radical religious orientation attempted to disrupt public order by meeting in the square in front of the Ganja City Executive Power building, the joint statement of the Prosecutor General's Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service said earlier.
Research has demonstrated the relationship between religious affiliation, religious beliefs, and legal attitudes and juror decisions; however, juror attitudes and decisions might also be related to religious orientation. Religious orientation can be described as religious motivation or the reason a person engages in religion.
Lauziere comes up with an argument that 'Salafism,' as we understand it today as a term for a religious orientation, is a new and recent phenomenon.
On his part, the Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr AbdulLateef AbdulHakeem, urged youths in the state to do away with immoral acts and religious crisis, even as he counselled them to ensure that they were exposed to the right religious orientation.
Many of Lane County's biggest and most important organizations working on homelessness and related issues have a religious orientation or origins.