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Mr Allworthy answered to all this, and much more, which the captain had urged on this subject, "That, however guilty the parents might be, the children were certainly innocent: that as to the texts he had quoted, the former of them was a particular denunciation against the Jews, for the sin of idolatry, of relinquishing and hating their heavenly King; and the latter was parabolically spoken, and rather intended to denote the certain and necessary consequences of sin, than any express judgment against it.
Anne knew that Lady Russell must be suffering some pain in understanding and relinquishing Mr Elliot, and be making some struggles to become truly acquainted with, and do justice to Captain Wentworth.
"If he were Admiral Hawke he shall pay his score," cried Silver; and then, relinquishing my hand, "Who did you say he was?" he asked.
I had succeeded in killing a hawk and two crows when I came within sight of the mansion; and then, relinquishing further depredations, I sauntered on, to have a look at the old place, and see what changes had been wrought in it by its new inhabitant.
In relinquishing the licence, Spitfire becomes a cash shell under AIM rule 15.
In all cases, every taxpayer should consult with their tax and/or legal advisor to ensure that the desired structure is acceptable for 1031 exchange purposes and that ultimately the same "tax owner" is both relinquishing real property held for investment and acquiring a like-kind replacement property.
ISLAMABAD -- Deadline for relinquishing their charges by Pakistan ambassadors appointed due to their political affiliation in other countries has expired while Ali Jahangir Siddiqui, Pakistan ambassador in US has sought two weeks time.
'Remember that Tun did not contest in any general election after relinquishing the post, nor was he an MP after that.
Regarding not relinquishing the post of chairman EOBI during the NMC training, he said that he had written a letter to the secretary ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development, Hashim Popalzai to hand over the charge to DG (operations).
also directed the senators-elect to submit duly certified copies of the documents supporting their claims of relinquishing of nationalities.
The court also found him guilty of relinquishing his oath of allegiance to the King and swearing allegiance instead to the leader of Daesh, and of relinquishing the oath he took when he joined the military.
At the same time, it is relinquishing spectrum in three of its duopoly markets, and in Gotham there's a bit of surprise.

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