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Around 40 families were relocated to Summer Homes in Trece Martirez, Cavite on Tuesday, while another 60 families are scheduled to be relocated on July 10, Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) Director Jose Antonio Goitia said.
In the meantime, Homs Governor General Talal al-Barazi said that hundreds more of the residents of al-Wa'er that had been relocated to Jarabulus applied for getting back to Homs, adding that a new group of the relocated gunmen and their family members will return to Homs soon.
The bank said that it has relocated its main branch from Durbarmarg to Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward No 29.
“I really enjoy working with families that relocate to Texas because I know from personal experience the challenges of relocating to a new state, “ said Karen Rivera who relocated from New Jersey in 1997.
Sixty-three per cent of the managers surveyed report that spouses or partners of relocated employees struggle to find employment.
Poftak, research director at Pioneer Institute, said the data do not show what types of businesses relocated from other states to Worcester.
According to demonstrators, only members of the MeK should be relocated from the camp, which houses 3,500 Iraqis.
"In all, our CPU was only down for about two days (but ATMs and other systems kept working), and that mainframe computer system is now relocated to an area that is not hurricane-prone," explains Frady.
Under a stipulation in the employment contract that accommodated an executive who sold his home and relocated to the new job site, the employer was required to purchase the executive's new home in the event of termination.
I could not imagine that, two months later, my campus would be under eight feet of water and my students relocated to institutions all over the country.
Will the majority of those relocated by hurricanes Katrina and Rita decide to make their temporary homes permanent?