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Reflecting light; shining.

[Latin relūcēns, relūcent-, present participle of relūcēre, to shine back : re-, re- + lūcēre, to shine; see leuk- in Indo-European roots.]
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archaic bright; shining
[C16: from Latin relūcēre to shine out, from re- + lūcēre to shine, from lūx light]
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(rɪˈlu sənt)

shining; bright.
[1500–10; < Latin relūcent-, s. of relūcēns, present participle of relūcere. See re-, lucent]
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It is thus a hallmark of her poetry to make archaic words such as "hough," "cosh," "relucent," "pash," "apocopate," and "Pallium" live, shifting a sense of the written tradition into the oral one.
dume gou dou kack dume gou dou kack runs parallel to thigh muscles, a relucent line between layers, like past incarnations, the same intensity of light, emanating from any number of remote voices, overlaps to interlock, dume gou dou kack prose breaks into meter.
Translating Plutarch's text gave him the opportunity to display his fluency in the classical languages (especially Greek, from which he quotes liberally) and translation skills (particularly his copious knowledge of synonyms, including many 'inkhorn' terms, for example 'relucent and esclarished' (sig.
If the world reflects back the light of a caring self that reaches out toward it in its neediness (Darbung), it is also the theatre of life's masquerading misadventure: life is relucent and larvant in the world.