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tr.v. re·made (-mād′), re·mak·ing, re·makes
To make again or anew.
n. (rē′māk′)
1. The act of remaking.
2. Something in remade form, especially a new version of an earlier movie or song.
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Noun1.remaking - creation that is created again or anew; "it is a remake of an old film"
creation - an artifact that has been brought into existence by someone
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It would not be seemly to inquire how far certain of these conditions had been kept,--how often, for example, Orlando's little hermit's bed had really needed remaking during those twelve months!
Profound and powerful forces are shaking and remaking our world, and the URGENT question of our time is whether we can make change our friend and not our enemy.
If I had the remaking of man, he wouldn't have any conscience.
Ninety per cent of the men had walked out; and they faced the task of completely remaking their labor force--and with the price of meat up thirty per cent, and the public clamoring for a settlement.
Of course it isn't here, in Alencon, that I should be of service to you; but if we went to Paris, you would see where I could lead a man with your mind and your capacities; and just at this time too, when they are remaking the government from top to toe.
They urged film producers to come forward to brush up the idea of remaking.
Remaking Gender and the Family: Perspectives o Contemporary Chinese-Language Film Remakes
The airing of the reality show came two years after CJ E and M signed a deal allowing NBC to purchase the remaking rights for the popular tvN program "Grandpas Over Flowers." Like the American version, four gray-haired South Korean actors explore foreign cultures with the help of a guide.
Remaking Chinese Cinema: Through the Prism of Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Hollywood