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The magnetic induction that remains in a material after removal of the magnetizing field.

[From Middle English remanent, remaining, from Latin remanēns, remanent-, present participle of remanēre, to remain; see remain.]

rem′a·nent adj.


rare remaining or left over


(ˈrɛm ə nənt)

remaining; left behind.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin remanent-, s. of remanēns, present participle of remanēre. See remain, -ent]
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have studied, one after another, ensembles of discourse; I have characterized them; I have defined the play of rules, of transformations, of thresholds, of remanences.
He stated that natural resources belong to the nation and that objections of indigenous communities, peasants and social groups to their exploitation were remanences of old fashioned ideologies (Garcia Perez).
This is applied to a number of different specimens over a range of laboratory fields, and the laboratory field strength required to produce zero difference between the composite and natural remanences is determined by linear regression.