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The magnetic induction that remains in a material after removal of the magnetizing field.

[From Middle English remanent, remaining, from Latin remanēns, remanent-, present participle of remanēre, to remain; see remain.]

rem′a·nent adj.


rare remaining or left over


(ˈrɛm ə nənt)

remaining; left behind.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin remanent-, s. of remanēns, present participle of remanēre. See remain, -ent]
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Crushing vegetation pruning cuttings crushing remanent blowing leaves available to pruning equipment with climber green space work.
Remanence or remanent magnetization or residual magnetism is the magnetization left in a ferromagnetic_material such as iron, after an external magnetic field is removed.
The PM flux can be controlled independently of the reluctance torque by varying the magnet remanent flux density and the fraction of the rotor barriers.
High anterolateral portal (LP) was established for arthroscopic examination to confirm the ACL rupture, to clean the ruptured ACL and to properly preserve the tibial remanent of ACL (generally 3-5mm).
The remanent strain in elements of cords and wires, which are connected with twisting tension.
The remanent of the terrorist outfits who are on the run, are making desperate attempts to show their existence.
When the electromagnet is off, the remanent magnetic induction inside the stator is so small that the off-state torque (<< 1Nm) can be neglected.
However, unlike the DC bias method, bias field from PM cannot be easily tailored, weaker magnets tend to fail their purpose while stronger ones drive GMM to saturation, and it is always challenging to find magnets of appropriate remanent flux density, size, and shape.
These IONPs are susceptible to magnetization upon exposure to external magnetic field and simultaneously get demagnetized while switching off external magnetic field without any remanent magnetization [8].
Dans un communique relatif au debat qui avait porte il y a quelques semaines sur les indemnites reservees aux deputes, l'UPR (Union Populaire Republicaine) de Lotfi Mraihi, a estime que [beaucoup moins que]ce debat remanent trahi une deviance au niveau de la conception que se font certains de l'exercice politique.