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Possible to remedy: remediable problems.

re·me′di·a·bil′i·ty n.
re·me′di·a·bly adv.
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(rɪˈmi di ə bəl)

capable of being remedied.
[1485–95; (< Middle French) < Latin remediābilis curable. See remedy, -able]
re•me′di•a•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.remediable - capable of being remedied or redressed ; "remediable problems"; "a remediable setback"; "not a crime but only a remediable blunder"
irremediable - impossible to remedy or correct or redress; "an irremediable error"; "irremediable defects of character"
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[rɪˈmiːdɪəbl] ADJremediable
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adj situationrettbar; fault, defectbehebbar
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Bulstrode, having heard of Lydgate's debts, had been anxious to know whether her husband could not do something for poor Rosamond, and had been much troubled on learning from him that Lydgate's affairs were not easily remediable, and that the wisest plan was to let them "take their course." Mrs.
Health records permit the health counselor to follow up on remediable defects.
Yet not all suffering is remediable. We cannot deaden every sting, nor should we seek to, for that too would be a lie.
Beyond a change in incidence, other remediable reasons for an increase in SLE mortality among black women include later diagnosis, problems in access to care, less effective treatments, and poorer compliance with therapeutic regimens (5).
Guidelines 2 and 3 address evaluation of stage 5 disease patients, and state that complete lipid profiling should follow overnight fasting whenever possible and that remediable, secondary causes for dyslipidemias should be identified when possible.
Not only do some consultant surgical staff - as distinct from equally hard-working consultant physicians and radiologists - appear to command significant incomes for what is seen as a lesser commitment to the NHS, they also have within their gift the granting of a share in that private work to anaesthetic and other colleagues who, in turn, tolerate remediable inefficiencies in the system.
Is there a remediable property loss beyond what will be litigated in now-privatized licensing cases?
CHICAGO -- Many individuals diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome could actually have pelvic floor dysfunction, a condition that can be much more remediable, according to a study conducted at the Mayo Clinic.
Those patients are experiencing significant day-to-day morbidity that is not remediable by current practice and therapeutic options, and new insights into the patho-physiology of disease are needed, he said.
"Some courts have decided that a theft of intangible property is a violation of the criminal law and should be civilly remediable....
* Surgically remediable neurological episodes are usually embolic in nature and related most commonly to atherosclerotic plaques situated at the carotid bifurcation.