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Noun1.remilitarisation - the act of militarizing again
militarisation, militarization, mobilization, mobilisation - act of assembling and putting into readiness for war or other emergency: "mobilization of the troops"
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He saw Nasser as a new incarnation of Hitler and the nationalising of the Suez Canal as the equivalent of Hitler's remilitarisation of the German Rhineland 20 years earlier.
Many critics viewed this decision as the remilitarisation of German foreign policy under the leadership of Joschka Fischer of the Green Party, then serving as foreign minister.
20pm The Remilitarisation Of The Rhineland (March 1936) (): Fri-Tue/Thu 11.
His critics see it as the entering wedge for a full-scale remilitarisation of the country.
In 1936, London protests faintly against the remilitarisation of the Rhineland, refuses to engage in the Spanish civil war and does not take any action when faced with the creation of the Rome-Berlin Axis, later extended to include Japan through the signing of the Anti-Comintern pact (Cirstea, Buzatu, 2007: 105-106).
The release of the confessions comes as Tokyo and Beijing are at odds over a territorial dispute in the East China Sea, and as Beijing has argued that a reinterpretation of Japan's pacifist constitution could open the door to remilitarisation of a country it considers insufficiently penitent for its actions in World War II.
At the same time, any Israeli military activity in Sinai would violate the 1978 accords as would any remilitarisation of the peninsula by Egypt.
After the remilitarisation of the Rhineland he argued that Hitler's brutal arrogance and primitive brutality would lead him to grab Austria and Czechoslovakia.
Allowing the partial remilitarisation of Sinai would require a new agreement with Israel; if such a pact also paved the way to the future normalisation of the border crossing with Gaza it could be a breakthrough on a par with the 1979 Camp David Accords.
Un soir, alors que nous etions en train de regarder ensemble les informations televisees, on rappela ce qu'avait ete la remilitarisation de la Rhenanie en mars 1936 et les debats que cette violation flagrante du traite de Versailles avait suscites.
When in the 1950s the poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht cast around for a historical metaphor to remind his fellow Germans about the dangers of remilitarisation, he instinctively turned to an event that had taken place over 2,000 years before: