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n. remineralización, reemplazo de minerales perdidos en el cuerpo.
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pH-cycling models to evaluate the effect of low fluoride dentifrice on enamel de- and remineralization.
A new chapter on the salivary glands (Chapter 12) incorporates information on demineralization, remineralization, fluoride, bacterial diseases, and HIV.
Cosmyl claims that such ingredients as seal salt, marine algae and kelp are rich in substances that help maintain intercellular fluids and act as catalysts for rehydration and remineralization of the skin.
For this depth range of importance for predictions of future changes in the ocean s carbon cycle, bacterial remineralization and the fate of particulate iron (PFe) are, paradoxically, poorly understood.
Dental caries is a chronic disease of hard tissues of the tooth characterized by alternating phases of demineralization and remineralization which can lead to cavitations and eventually tooth loss.
Synthetic biomimetic carbonatehydroxyapatite nanocrystals for enamel remineralization.
After that, they were subjected to four cycles of demineralization (15 ml of the fermented milk for 5 min) and remineralization (15 ml of artificial saliva for 60 min).
2] Another in vitro study, however, demonstrated that the diphosphonates found in some antitartar dentifrices have a negative effect on remineralization, which might suggest a potential for hypersensitivity.
The Genesi system by Sigroup International allows automatic, instant and customized remineralization and dispenses beverages able to reproduce the saline contents of most mineral waters in the world.
SDF applies the antimicrobial benefits of silver and the remineralization benefits of fluoride to arrest and prevent caries.
posite resin does nothing to assist with the remineralization of caries affected dentine or enamel.
The dynamic process of demineralization and remineralization, Dimentions of Dental Hygiene.