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n. remineralización, reemplazo de minerales perdidos en el cuerpo.
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In a normal and favorable oral pH environment, calcium can return to the teeth - a process called remineralization.
Another study assessed the effect of toothbrushing on previously demineralized enamel following different remineralization periods.
1 parts per million of dissolved solids; and two remineralization dosing skids for the production of service water and potable water.
His topics include edible weeds, composting, fruit trees, soil remineralization, growing food anywhere, species and genus highlights, and many how-to's.
Calcium and protein assist with the remineralization of teeth, and drinking fluoridated water helps to strengthen teeth.
Since xylitol appears to induce remineralization of tooth enamel, researchers are also now investigating its ability to remineralize bone tissue.
The book addresses common roles of toothpaste, including remineralization with fluoride or other agents, prevention of plaque, gingivitis, and halitosis, whitening, and sensitivity treatment.
7, is considered to be a functional food that fights cavities because it promotes tooth remineralization and inhibits the growth of plaque, Wu said.
FluoriGard[TM] technology is an optimized fluoride delivery system that produces a temporary shift in pH, a condition that favors remineralization and fluoride uptake in the oral cavil, Colgate says.
Effect of fluoride concentration on remineralization of carious enamel: an in vitro pH-cycling study.
Tooth enamel is "fluid" -- every day minerals are lost from it and added to it in processes known, respectively, as demineralization and remineralization.