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Characterized by remonstrance: "Pericles is the least remonstrant of Shakespearean heroes, a stalwart sufferer who is not about to challenge the injustice of the gods" (David Richards).
1. A person who remonstrates.
2. Remonstrant A member of a Christian sect originating among a group of Dutch Arminians who in 1610 formally stated the grounds of their dissent from strict Calvinism.

re·mon′strant·ly adv.
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a person who remonstrates, esp one who signs a remonstrance
rare remonstrating or protesting


1. (Protestantism) a Dutch supporter of the Arminian Remonstrance of 1610
2. (Historical Terms) a Dutch supporter of the Arminian Remonstrance of 1610
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The pug-dog sat up, as a precautionary measure, as I passed; but, as I took no notice of the treasure he was guarding, he let me go by without even one remonstrant bark.
Continuing to chuckle when his laugh is over, as though remonstrant with himself on his drinking powers, he rolls to the door and unlocks it.
Casaubon's not be valuable, like theirs?" said Dorothea, with more remonstrant energy.
'Why, there you're rather fast, Lawyer Lightwood,' he replied, in a remonstrant manner.
He examines the artist's ambivalent relationship with Amsterdam's Jews as both clients and models, and the role which Christian theological disputes such as the Remonstrant controversy may have played in the genesis and contemporary interpretation of some of Rembrandt's images.
The goblin fell to the earth but a remonstrant human voice cried out 'Save my life, save my life!'
Mandeville was born into an Arminian or Remonstrant family.
Anabaptist integration into the emerging civil society, including participation in public service, along with spreading strains of Collegiant and Remonstrant thought, meant that Enlightenment ideas affected concepts of gender.
Gerard de Korte Bishop of Groningen-Leeuwarden Samoil Dogan Syrian Orthodox Church in the Netherlands Wim Hart Interchurch organization for development cooperation (ICCO) Evert Jan Hazeleger Kerk in Aktie Davorka Lovrekovic International Fellowship of Reconciliation Tom Mikkers Remonstrant Church Kees Niewerth Council of Churches in the Netherlands Jannie Nijwening Mennonite Church in the Netherlands Peter Nissen Remonstrant Church Awraham Soetendorp Jacob Soetendorp Institute for Human Values Henk Stenvers Mennonite Church in the Netherlands Karin van den Broeke General Synod of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands Jeanne van Hal Salvation Army Joris A.O.L.
Milton defended the Smectymnuans in Animadversions upon the Remonstrants Defense Against Smectymnuus (1641) and An Apology Against a Pamphlet Call'd A Modest Confutation of the Animadversions upon the Remonstrant Against Smectymnuus (1642).
Next to this he was a devout Remonstrant, active in a number of protestant organizations, and, because of his organizational skills, he was often elected a board member.