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Noun1.remote station - a terminal connected to a computer by a data link
terminal - electronic equipment consisting of a device providing access to a computer; has a keyboard and display
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In ascending to this primary and aboriginal sentiment we have come from our remote station on the circumference instantaneously to the centre of the world, where, as in the closet of God, we see causes, and anticipate the universe, which is but a slow effect.
TDMA satellite systems can significantly reduce the required space segment by dynamically allocating bandwidth from a cenwalized pool across remote stations.
You're talking by the time the woman is dressed, we have the images at the remote station," he said at a press briefing during the meeting.
A three-button remote station provides a convenient operator interface that can be mounted virtually anywhere.
The remote station allows a computer and a key to exchange information via a network or modem connection.
BT is also deploying Survivable Remote Station Telephony which routes all voice traffic via an ISDN connection should a system failure occur.
But despite its chronic under use, rail bosses spent pounds 60,000 refurbishing the remote station.
An intelligent agent deployed on each remote station, permanently monitors all their hardware, system and software components.
Networking features allow multiple systems to be tied together either locally or miles away for centralized services, such as four-digit dialing between users, easy transfers, remote station monitoring, centralized voice mail and least-cost routing.
To compliment the 2100-A16 Channel Analogue Remote Station, the 2100-M Series 16 Channel Multiplexer is available in several input types -- 2100-M-I for Milli-amp Inputs, 2100-M-R for RTD inputs, 2100-M-V for Voltage inputs, and the 2100-M-T for Thermocouple inputs.
He is one of 20 al Qaida prisoners transferred from Afghanistan to the remote station on Friday, currently being held in maximum security outdoor cages.
By rolling under power on an Edwards Air Force Base runway, the Boeing X-45A showed it could operate itself with preprogrammed commands and also could accept direction from a remote station.

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