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Noun1.remote station - a terminal connected to a computer by a data link
terminal - electronic equipment consisting of a device providing access to a computer; has a keyboard and display
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In ascending to this primary and aboriginal sentiment we have come from our remote station on the circumference instantaneously to the centre of the world, where, as in the closet of God, we see causes, and anticipate the universe, which is but a slow effect.
Each minimum distance was then reduced to a sea-level distance by applying corrections for atmospheric refraction, antenna separation, aircraft and remote station heights, and earth curvature.
Reiswig: We're also able to transfer more information to the remote station. Not only can it communicate that an alarm went off, but that the alarm is on the third floor in the electrical room.
The UAECG patrol boat consists of fibre reinforced glass with advanced core materials, and is armed with a 12.7mm automatic machine gun with IR (infrared) fully controlled from a remote station. The boat has two automatic machine guns on each side.
The new centre includes three stations: the main station in Ras Parort (15 km from Tangier), the remote station of Ras Cires (located in the Tanger-Med port) and the intermediary station to interconnect the two previous stations.
" It is a story cooked up by the south- eastern railway employees to avoid being posted to the remote station," Acharya had said earlier.
Image data that is passed from eqo to the remote station is held only for as long as it takes to analyze and process an individual; the machines cannot store them.
The Commons motion said: "This House expresses deep concern over the decision by the BBC to stop transmitting Radio WM at 22.00 hours as of 31st March and introduce a feed from a remote station."
The central server limits data transfer, releasing information only after remote station nodes acknowledge that information has been fully received.
This remote station of two platforms and a bus shelter for its three daily passengers must be one of very few completely surrounded by marshland, officially designated a nature reserve.
"You're talking by the time the woman is dressed, we have the images at the remote station," he said at a press briefing during the meeting.
The remote station allows a computer and a key to exchange information via a network or modem connection.

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