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Noun1.remote terminal - a terminal connected to a computer by a data link
terminal - electronic equipment consisting of a device providing access to a computer; has a keyboard and display
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4.1 Global SCADA System Market - By Component Type (Programmable Logic Controller, Remote Terminal Unit, Human-Machine Interface, Communication Systems)
Remote terminal units are often deployed over widely distributed areas, in many cases at measuring points without their own communication or power supply infrastructure.
Weather not only affects the remote terminal, it affects the availability of the communication service.
initial results of his work within this collaboration were presented in the First mobility for Life Conference on Telecommunication, Technology and Problem Based Learning held in March 2012 at Thailand under title Optimal Design of Remote Terminal Unit for Wireless SCADA System for Energy Management.
Navy carrier strike group with network time reference (NTR), a highly accurate system time used to coordinate transmission and receive times, held by remote terminal modules (RTMs).
The transaction will widen Tii's range in the outside plant, central office and customer premise market sectors with the inclusion of remote terminal equipment, five pin protection modules and building entrance products, Tii wrote in its press release.
Delivery includes remote terminal units for about 50 substations, fibre optic terminal equipment and the power line carrier communication system to connect the control center and the substations, as well as ancillary equipment such as uninterrupted power supply units, video surveillance systems and other telecoms components.
The .print RDP Engine for Remote Web Workplace 7.6 and .print for Remote Web Workplace 7.6 optimize printing for users who use the Remote Web Workplace to access a remote terminal server or desktop via a web browser.
Summary: TELELOGOS, a dynamic display, data synchronisation and fixed or mobile remote terminal management software publisher, will be attending the upcoming Gitex to be held in Dubai from October 18th to 22nd.
Each port may be independently configured as a bus controller, a remote terminal, or a bus monitor.
The PAC8000 RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) is a field-mountable platform combined with the 8000 Process I/OTM that offers can utilize any off-the-shelf HMI package, including Proficy HMI/SCADA iFIX and CIMPLICITY.
A pivot's FieldNET Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) transmits via spread spectrum radio to a Bridge that is linked to the Internet.

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