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Noun1.removable disk - a hard disk that can be removed from the disk driveremovable disk - a hard disk that can be removed from the disk drive; removal prevents unauthorized use
fixed disk, hard disc, hard disk - a rigid magnetic disk mounted permanently in a drive unit
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In the next window, click Select Device..., choose your removable disk, confirm with OK, and click Next.
Sphere 3D Corp (Naasdaq: ANY), a virtualisation and data management solutions provider, announced on Thursday that it has acquired the RDX removable disk product lines and existing inventory assets from Imation Corp (NYSE: IMN) by its wholly owned subsidiary, Overland Storage Inc.
Quantum also announced the RDX 8000 removable disk library, also with up to 8TB of capacity.
Reminding readers that the field of digital information storage is more than 50 years old, Curtis and his colleagues at InPhase Technologies, Longmont, CO, have compiled this volume timed to coincide with the release of the first commercial product using a new holographic approach to storage technologies: a professional archive storage drive using removable disk media.
Removable data storage products supplier Imation Corp (NYSE:IMN) announced on Thursday the introduction of a 1TB native capacity cartridge to its line of Imation RDX removable disk cartridges.
-- Four Exposed 3.5" Bays for Hot Swap Removable Disk Drives
"HP continues to set new industry standards by investing in technology that delivers an ideal balance of price and performance for each customer segment."To provide data protection for micro and small businesses, HP also introduced the new HP StorageWorks RDX Removable Disk Backup Systems (RDX160 and RDX320).
The R6 had an array of six disks and an empty 5.25" bay that could be used for installing a removable disk unit for off-site backup.
Offering the speed of disk backup with the portability of tape, the Teralyte removable disk backup system utilizes removable hard drives in place of tape, connecting directly to the server via a SATA connection.
Protection works even if files are taken from one PC to another on a removable disk, without the need to install any software.
The main difference is that the data is transferred on to a removable disk, which allows it to be played back on other devices.
Windows' built-in Briefcase feature (see icon at right) is designed to synchronize and update the files on each machine when you connect the two computers with a USB cable or use a removable disk to transport Briefcase from your desktop to your laptop.