renal colic

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Noun1.renal colic - sharp pain in the lower back that radiates into the groin; associated with the passage of a renal calculus through the ureter
hurting, pain - a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder; "the patient developed severe pain and distension"
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Some herbalists use it to treat a range of afflictions including jaundice, gastritis, gallstones, malaria, sandfly fever, toxaemia arising from drugs and environmental chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides, shingles, bladder disorders, renal colic and leukopaenia (diminishing white blood cells) arising from chemotherapy.
Patients with renal colic are better examined by non-enhanced computed tomography (CT) scanning, because it is highly sensitive in detecting stones.
Treatment of renal colic with double-J stent during pregnancy: a report of 25 cases.
Despite it being an emergency imaging in patients of renal colic, its role in immediate management has come under scrutiny due to high radiation dose.
3,12-15 Ultrasound was found to be 97% sensitive in predicting need for surgical intervention when it showed a stone and/or hydronephrosis in patients presenting with renal colic.
The non-traumatic admissions to the emergency department are frequent hematuria, renal colic, and acute renal failure.
Renal colic secondary to urinary calculi is a common presentation to the emergency department (ED), with increasing prevalence in the developed world.
had four episodes of left renal colic, which were notable for creatinine increasing from normal values to 4.
When one escapes into the urethra which connects the kidney to the bladder the resulting pain, renal colic, is absolutely agonising.
A comparison of the efficacy and safety of morphine and pethidine as analgesia for suspected renal colic in the emergency setting.
The patient underwent right ureteral stent placement due to the renal colic and hydronephrosis.
Messi was diagnosed Thursday morning with renal colic, a type of abdominal pain commonly attributed to kidney stones.