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reniform leaf


 (rĕn′ə-fôrm′, rē′nə-)
Shaped like a kidney: a reniform leaf.

[Latin rēnēs, kidneys + -form.]


having the shape or profile of a kidney: a reniform leaf; a reniform mass of haematite.
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Adj.1.reniform - (of a leaf or bean shape) resembling the shape of kidney
unsubdivided, simple - (botany) of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions
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Cosmarium is characterized by having generally solitary cells, semicells rounded, reniform, pyramidate, quadrate with entire or undulate margin; subcircular to elongate-oval (biradiate) in apical view; cell wall smooth with scattered pores or ornamented; one to several chloroplasts per semicell, axial or parietal, and as well as other desmids generally inhabit acidic, oligotrophic, aquatic environments and occasionally subaerial or in basic, eutrophic water (Guiry and Guiry, 2017).
The least number of blasts were 22(22%) seen in AML-M2 and AML-M6 and highest abnormal promyelocytes with reniform nuclei were 98%, found in AML-M3.
(b) Axial imaging slightly inferior at the level of the C3 demonstrates a level IB lymph node measuring approximately larger than 1 cm in the short axis with benignappearing features including its reniform shape and fatty hilum (red arrow); this was favored to be a reactive lymph node.
The type of stomata observed was actinocytic, the variant type of diacytyic stoma with two reniform cells (guard cells), oval or nearly round, regularly surrounded by four or more tangential elongated cells; the stomata were observed only on the lower epidermis.
The shape of the spermatheca may be spherical, tubular, or reniform (Kocorek & Danielczok-Demska 2002; Rodrigues et al.
In these cases, the apical portion of the stone is thinner, and less ribbed/ornamented than the main part of the stone, forming a reniform flap that may hinge or break along its base to open apically at germination.
Biocontrol of the Reniform Nematode by Bacillus firmus GB-126 and Paecilomyces lilacinus 251 on Cotton.
a) Natural meadow, b) apical section of horizontal rhizome, c) vertical stem, d) inflorescence partly wrapped by leaf sheaths, e) inflorescence with two flowers, four peltate stigmas are seen between the two reniform anthers of the distal flower, f-g) infructescence with curved stalk, h-i) infructescence with ovoid fruits without pedicle.
The seeds are smooth, compressed, and reniform with bitter taste.