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 (rĕn′ĭ-tənt, rĭ-nīt′nt)
1. Resistant to physical pressure; not pliant.
2. Reluctant to yield or be swayed; recalcitrant.

[Latin renītēns, renītent-, present participle of renītī, to resist : re-, re- + nītī, to press forward.]

ren′i·tence, ren′i·ten·cy n.


(rɪˈnaɪtənt; ˈrɛnɪtənt)
1. reluctant; recalcitrant
2. not flexible
[C18: from Latin renītī to strive afresh, from re- + nītī to endeavour]
reˈnitence, reˈnitency n
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Tending to resist, as an influence or idea:
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The clitoral cysts were in the form of a rounded painless mass, 10 to 13 cm in diameter, seating in the nymphectomy area, blackish, renitent, non-pulsatile, sessile and movable superficially and in depth.
Unlike the federal government in the United States, the European Commission does not have the option of sending federal troops to enforce federal law against renitent states as, for example, President Eisenhower did to ensure the enforcement of a federal desegregation court order at Little Rock.
Macroscopic examination of the surgical specimen showed a 4 x 3 x 2 cm pink, roughed, renitent, round mass with hemorrhagic content and multiple septa.