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1. A graphic record of the passage of radiation through the renal system after injection of a radioactive tracer.
2. A radiograph of a kidney.

[Latin rēnēs, kidneys + -gram.]

re′nog′ra·phy (rē-nŏg′rə-fē) n.


the use of renograms to study kidney function


n. renografía, rayos- X del riñón.
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Conservative management is appropriate for infants with an obstructive pattern on diuretic renography and differential function exceeding 40%.
Fifty subjects including 29 males and 21 females have been chosen and applied for renography. The mean RRFs were found to be 52.68%[+ or -]23.63% and 47.32%[+ or -]23.63%, respectively, for the left and right kidneys with [.sup.99m]Tc-DMSA measurement.
Historical practice patterns at the onset of the era of maternal ultrasonography in the 1980s were to evaluate all infants with AHN both VCUG and nuclear renography, due to concerns over obstructive nephropathy and UTI.
Garcia, "Computer-assisted diagnosis in renal nuclear medicine: Rationale, methodology, and interpretative criteria for diuretic renography," Seminars in Nuclear Medicine, vol.
As a result, the amount of the radiopharmaceutical concentrates reduced during a radionuclide study, which determines the fundamental premise of the complex renography (CR), the "concentration function" as a total result of all processes in the renal parenchyma [25].
Intravenous pyelography can also be performed to detect urinary tract abnormality and, additionally, nuclear renography is necessary to assess the renal function of each kidney.
The patient was evaluated by DTPA renography at 3 months after the operation, which revealed no evidence of obstruction.
64% of the patients had renal function blow 45% of the affected kidney at renography, while a function below 40% was seen in 40% of the patients.
Glomerular filtration rate estimated from the uptake phase of 99mTc-DTPA renography in chronic renal failure.
The role of diuretic renography in the evaluation of obstructed hydronephrosis after pediatric pyeloplasty.