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tr.v. re·nor·mal·ized, re·nor·mal·iz·ing, re·nor·mal·iz·es
To bring into a normal or more normal state once again.

re·nor′mal·i·za′tion (-mə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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(ˌriːnɔːməlaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


formal the action or process of normalizing or causing to conform to a norm or normal state again
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GORNERUP, A spectral method for aggregating variables in linear dynamical systems with application to cellular automata renormalization, Adv.
According to the by now established theory developed in order to define a Laplacian or--equivalently--a Brownian motion on a nested fractal, one has to solve certain renormalization problems.
(1), when calculated in the one-loop approach directly in terms of the bare fields and parameters, is UV-divergent, and renormalization is necessary.
Wilson's renormalization group methodology concerning the critical phenomena of material phase transitions, for which he received the Nobel Prize." (7)
In this way, the appropriate theory is developed for a wide variety, of topics, ranging from the harmonic crystal to the renormalization group.
Johnson orders his story around the progression of theories and discoveries in quantum thinking, providing an extraordinary wealth of detail on such recondite topics as particle parity, mathematical renormalization, isospin, and quantum chromodynamics.
The details of this process, and of the corresponding renormalization of L, R, and V at step (4) of arithmetic_decode(), are shown as Algorithm Encoder Renormalization in Figure 7 and Algorithm Decoder Renormalization in Figure 8.
Mathematical techniques to isolate these infinities and absorb them into the calculations in a Lorentz-invariant and gauge-invariant way are called renormalization techniques.
This summation (and a renormalization) was performed for the cavity model over the 4 to 6 GHz frequency range by calculating the value of Equation 3 for each element of a three-dimensional matrix, in which each cell represented 1 cubic centimeter of volume, at each resonant mode.
His topics include perturbation theory is not enough, path integrals and statistical mechanics, renormalization and the continuum limit, massive quarks and the Theta parameter, and actions preserving chiral symmetry.
The article "Renormalization Group Equation for Tsallis Statistics" investigates the scaling properties of thermofractals through the renormalization group equation, known as Callan-Symanzik equation.
We use the transfer matrix version of the DMRG method, which is known as the product wave-function renormalization group (PWFRG) method [14-16].