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v. re·nounced, re·nounc·ing, re·nounc·es
a. To give up (a title or possession, for example), especially by formal announcement.
b. To decide or declare that one will no longer adhere to (a belief or position); reject.
c. To decide or declare that one will no longer engage in (a practice) or use (something): renounce violence. See Synonyms at relinquish.
2. To disclaim one's association with (a person or country, for example).
To give up, relinquish, or reject something.

[Middle English renouncen, from Old French renoncer, from Latin renūntiāre, to report : re-, re- + nūntiāre, to announce (from nūntius, messenger; see neu- in Indo-European roots).]

re·nounce′ment n.
re·nounc′er n.
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Noun1.renouncement - an act (spoken or written) declaring that something is surrendered or disowned
resignation - the act of giving up (a claim or office or possession etc.)
relinquishing, relinquishment - a verbal act of renouncing a claim or right or position etc.


[rɪˈnaʊnsmənt] Nrenuncia f
References in classic literature ?
What he would not permit this office to consist of was yet to be settled: there was a queer relief, at all events--I mean for myself in especial--in the renouncement of one pretension.
Though I made no further observation of her at the moment, I may mention here what I did not discover until afterwards, namely, that she was one of a series of protegees whom my aunt had taken into her service expressly to educate in a renouncement of mankind, and who had generally completed their abjuration by marrying the baker.
Yes, all this must be put straight and above-board, there must be no more passionate renouncements, such as Rogojin's.
In short, Miguna could not lawfully renounce his Kenyan citizenship and any such renouncement was and remains void, if it ever occurred.
The renouncement of irredentism, respect for borders, and practical compliance with the principles of good neighbourliness are necessary conditions for the realisation of fYROM's Euroatlantic aspirations.
1) The instance rules the sentence, the renouncement to enforce the sentence, postponement of the sentence enforcement, acquittal or the cease of the criminal trial.
Instead the immorality lies in the narcissistic focus on the self, and the corresponding sacrifice of others along with the renouncement of the moral code.
The document promoted by the organization's old guards faction, led by Acting Chairman Mahmoud Ezzat, included an official renouncement of Morsi and a prospective vision for the organization's alternatives in the next presidential elections.
Fitting Rastafari into these stereotypes occurs from the moment they received publicity for their peculiar message regarding Ras Tafari Makonnen's divinity, renouncement of Jamaican identity and an Ethiopia return.
The Flexible Binding Technique instrument likewise incorporates restricting renouncement communication with extended activatearena data sent from the Local Mobility Anchor to MAG will redesign the coupling store section and tie location of the information bundles both to the Previous-MAG and altered.
Patriarch Youhanna X, for his part, stressed "the importance of the relationship with the Cypriot people and the unity of Cyprus", underlining the paramount importance of coexistence amongst the various faiths and religions in the Middle East, and the renouncement of terrorism and extremism.
15), to the world of imagination; implying for him a loss of self in the autonomous otherness of the work of art (Vendler 1985: 125), which can be seen in the speaker's momentary renouncement of his ego that allows him to experience the external and fleeting sensations that conforms his vision until its eventual fading.