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tr.v. ren·o·vat·ed, ren·o·vat·ing, ren·o·vates
1. To return to a condition of newness, as by repairing or remodeling.
2. To impart new vigor to; revive.

[Latin renovāre, renovāt- : re-, re- + novāre, to make new (from novus, new; see newo- in Indo-European roots).]

ren′o·va′tion n.
ren′o·va′tive adj.
ren′o·va′tor n.
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Noun1.renovator - a skilled worker who is employed to restore or refinish buildings or antique furniturerenovator - a skilled worker who is employed to restore or refinish buildings or antique furniture
skilled worker, skilled workman, trained worker - a worker who has acquired special skills
مُجَدِّد، مُصْلِح
sá sem gerir upp; endurnÿjunar


(ˈrenəveit) verb
to make as good as new again. to renovate an old building.
ˈrenovator noun
ˌrenoˈvation noun
References in classic literature ?
Moonlight, and the sentiment in man's heart responsive to it, are the greatest of renovators and reformers.
Casaubon inquired, but before the day was far advanced he led the way to the studio of his friend Adolf Naumann, whom he mentioned as one of the chief renovators of Christian art, one of those who had not only revived but expanded that grand conception of supreme events as mysteries at which the successive ages were spectators, and in relation to which the great souls of all periods became as it were contemporaries.
EPA found that between April 2012 and May 2014, Calspec renovated three residential properties in Cypress, Newport Beach, and Norwalk without:ensuring that residents received the federal Renovate Right brochure before the renovations took place;assigning a certified renovator to the renovations and ensuring that all workers were certified renovators or trained by a certified renovator; and maintaining required records documenting that warning signs were posted, work areas were contained, and a certified renovator performed post-renovation cleaning verifications.
Many firms must recertify in the next months, and need a certified renovator on staff to comply with the standard.
Typically, renovator certifications expire five years after the date of course completion printed on their training certificate.
When the renovator investigated the contents, he was horrified to discover the mummified remains of a baby boy, who became known as Baby Kintyre.
Returning a period house to its former glory can be an expensive exercise and the purist renovator can see his time and hard-earned cash disappear into a seemingly black hole.
He returned to the UK and worked for a house renovator - but then decided to return to Spain for the summer season.
He considers the text of the literary work and its manuscript tradition, the context of medieval literature and modern research, the chosen people and the promised land, the divinely chosen king, the renovator king, and kings and their names.
After earning her Bachelor's Degree in Economies and Accounting from the College of the Holy Cross, Mary Gail worked as a CPA, home renovator and decorative painter.
Renovator 304+, Intensive Restore and Liss, Supreme, Carrefour chose the circular 50m1 glass jar with its specific cover in the shiny silver metallized version.
Instead, a certified renovator must collect a paint chip sample and send it to a recognized lab to obtain an analysis of any possible lead-based paint.