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rent 1

a. Payment, usually of an amount fixed by contract, made by a tenant at specified intervals in return for the right to occupy or use the property of another.
b. A similar payment made for the use of a facility, equipment, or service provided by another.
2. The return derived from cultivated or improved land after deduction of all production costs.
3. The difference between the price paid for use of a resource whose supply is inelastic and the minimum price at which that resource would still be provided. Also called economic rent.
v. rent·ed, rent·ing, rents
1. To obtain occupancy or use of (another's property) in return for regular payments.
2. To grant temporary occupancy or use of (one's own property or a service) in return for regular payments: rents out TV sets.
To be for rent: The cottage rents for $1,200 a month.
for rent
Available for use or service in return for payment.

[Middle English rente, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *rendita, from feminine past participle of *rendere, to yield, return; see render.]

rent′a·bil′i·ty n.
rent′a·ble adj.

rent 2

A past tense and a past participle of rend.
1. An opening made by rending; a rip.
2. A breach of relations between persons or groups; a rift.
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Adj.1.rentable - that is able or fit be rented
unrentable - not able or fit to be rented; "the house was unrentable in that condition"
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Reports Q2 FFO 42c.The Company's same-store portfolio at June 30, 2019 included 467 stores containing approximately 32.4 million rentable square feet, or approximately 89.9% of the aggregate rentable square feet of the Company's 516 owned stores.
The company owns 176 properties with approximately 21.2m rentable square feet and manages an additional 20 properties with approximately 1.2m rentable square feet.
Constructed between 2002 and 2007 on approximately 28.6 acres of land, the portfolio comprises approximately 483,000 net rentable square feet and includes 3,400 units and 200 RV spaces.
Real estate company, Ten-X, LLC, took 8,568 rentable square feet, and investment banking firm, Liberum Capital Inc., inked 6,104 rentable square feet.
The company owns 158 properties with approximately 19.1 million rentable square feet and manages an additional 20 properties with approximately 1.2 million rentable square feet.
Located in Casa Meridian, a luxury condo development on Phnom Penh's Diamond Island, the firm offers 191 rentable workstations, co-working spaces, professional address solutions and virtual offices that are bookable by the hour.
Floor plate sizes range from 40,000 rentable square feet on the lower floors and 29,500 rentable square feet on the upper floors.
Hilton Head Island, SC, November 19, 2014 --( Storage Village, a six property self storage portfolio in Georgia, with over 434,000 rentable square feet and over 3,100 self storage units, was sold recently to Danbury Road Holdings, IV, LLC, dba Store Here.
The property consists of an eight-story office tower with 105,522 square feet of rentable space; a three-story Greek revival style bank building with 24,126 square feet of rentable space; and a 76-space parking lot.
Typically, calculating a property per the BOMA 1996 Standard Method for Measuring Floor Area in Office Buildings--a standard that provides definitions for terms (Gross Building Area, Gross Measured Area, Building Measured Area, Floor Rentable Area, Floor Usable Area, etc.) so facilities professionals have a point of reference for determining how to calculate square footage--increases total rentable square footage of a building by 4 to 8 percent.
The total gross floor area will be 82,451 [m.sup.2] with 2,785 [m.sup.2] rentable area per standard floor.
He could reduce the rentable value of properties owned by others when he lands on them, restoring them to their original value afterwards to ensure other players do not enjoy the same advantage, while doubling the rentable value of all properties owned by himself.