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Noun1.rental collection - a collection of books that can be rented by readers in return for a small daily fee
library - a collection of literary documents or records kept for reference or borrowing
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* funding of the rental collection is another budgetary item, usually increased or decreased on an annual basis in an incremental fashion.
The GSIS said that it was 'not amenable' to PPHI's proposal, as the options '[do] not have any impact on the annual rental collection from PPHI, since 5 percent of GOR [gross operating revenue] that we have been receiving is higher than either proposals of PPHI,' citing that the average monthly rent was about P9.1 million.
Scaglion, senior managing director of residential marketing at Rose Associates, said 75 percent of the 208 units in the Rental Collection are now leased.
has been named exclusive marketing and leasing agent for The Rental Collection at William Beaver House, comprising 208 sponsor-owned apartments at the 47-story luxury condominium building at 15 William Street in Manhattan's Financial District.
Garr said his rental collection rate is in excess of 99 percent.
One bill requires the addition of the rental collection agent's name to the plaque in every lobby.
There will also be a dedicated group responsible for rental collection, unit housekeeping and building maintenance and repair.
Located on floors three through 28, the rental collection is positioned below the building's luxury condominiums.
This enables investors from all over the world to invest without ever having to visit the development or consider occupancy, rental collection, repairs or maintenance.
She continued: "Managing agents are expected to handle all the interaction with the tenant - rental collection, repairs and other issues.