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Noun1.rental collection - a collection of books that can be rented by readers in return for a small daily fee
library - a collection of literary documents or records kept for reference or borrowing
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This contract is: the supply of bags, rental collection bins and the collection, transport and treatment of waste.
This enables investors from all over the world to invest without ever having to visit the development or consider occupancy, rental collection, repairs or maintenance.
She continued: "Managing agents are expected to handle all the interaction with the tenant - rental collection, repairs and other issues.
I hope that the Berlin tribute goes beyond an honor bestowed on a single night and results in meaningful distribution of Lanzmann's films worldwide," says Milos Stehlik, director of Facets Multimedia, home to the largest rental collection of foreign and independent films in North America.
They will do all tenant screenings and selection, eviction, rental collection, maintenance, repairs, and much more.
See the newly launched Franc Rental Collection at www.
THOSE DVD bods really must have wanted us to go out to celebrate Hogmanay - as this week's rental collection is pretty weak.
The deal has included accompanied viewings as well as tenancy agreements and rental collection.
CHILDREN scooped some smart prizes in a city library competition to launch its DVD rental collection.
Having established rental collection revenues and expenditure (including overheads) the success or failure of the rental collections to meet their own costs can be monitored.
This contract involves: The supply of bags, rental collection bins and the collection, transport and treatment of waste.
Scaglion, senior managing director of residential marketing at Rose Associates, said 75 percent of the 208 units in the Rental Collection are now leased.