rental income

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Noun1.rental income - income received from rental properties
income - the financial gain (earned or unearned) accruing over a given period of time
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DEELS Properties has achieved significant rental income gains using Yardi RENTmaximizer for its apartment communities in Los Angeles.
Three Garden Road: Continued encouraging growth in rental income
Increased third party rental income by 155% to over $112 million, including all signed leases and after the impact of the asset sale transactions described below.
Summary: Acquisition to diversify trust's portfolio, enhance rental income return
Strong rental income conversion lead to 67 per cent growth in funds from operations (FFO), now $8.
Rental Income of Persons by Legal Form of Organization and
81 billion, driven by higher hotel revenue and rental income from its office, mall and commercial center portfolio.
This acquisition takes total acquired assets in the year to date to more than PS35 million and will boost REI's current contracted rental income to PS15.
The property is let to Hewlett Packard with more than four years remaining and a current rental income of PS270,000.
The properties produce a combined rental income of GBP 506,710 per annum and a net initial yield of 9.
Zakaria Usman appeals to Finance Minister to charge 10% tax on rental income to lower the cost of warehousing and cost of doing business
Due abrupt increase in the tax on rental income from 10 % to 24% approximately the rentals of the warehouses are increased manifold.

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