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Adj.1.renunciant - used especially of behavior
nonindulgent, strict - characterized by strictness, severity, or restraint
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The present article sets out to introduce and to compare abstinent and renunciant practices in Judaism and Hinduism.
was choosing as completely as possible for those times the life of the renunciant" (p.
Through this collection he tried to both juxtapose and marry the renunciant and the indulgent.
Samuels 231)--probably owing to the origin of Southern Buddhism as a renunciant movement.
She demonstrates how "the textual focus on the Buddha's renunciant agenda side-lines his maternal connection" and reduces her role "to that of a mere container for the fetus she carries" (p.
The court held that the USCIS's policy of requiring a renunciant to make his renunciation of his United States nationality in person at a designated USCIS office was not arbitrary or capricious, and the inmate had no right to renounce his United States citizenship during the course of his incarceration.
In the same manner, an individual who wishes to renounce citizenship or a renunciant is considered to have effectively done so only after the Department of State approves the certificate of loss of nationality.
Consult also the important early genre of renunciant literature on dhamm al-dunya 'blameworthiness of worldly attachment'.
nationality, "unless the renunciant demonstrates that residence will be as an alien properly documented under U.S.
He wasn't the doughty pioneer in his rightful landscape, he wasn't the Indian brave at one with the forest, he wasn't the wise renunciant in tune with Nature.
the philosophical, renunciant path" Doniger writes.
Blending an appeal to tradition with conduct deriving from recent history, she was dressed in white, like a Buddhist renunciant, although she was an army general.