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With Sir Patrick's pens and Sir Patrick's paper they produced a letter of instructions, deliberately reopening the investigation which Sir Patrick's superior wisdom had closed.
After all this is done, the place is abandoned for the night, and, if all be right next morning, is not visited again, until there be a necessity for reopening the cache.
I slept admirably after all; and I awoke to see the overturned toilet-table, and to thrill as I remembered there was one fellow-creature with whom I could fraternize without fear of a rude reopening of my every wound.
He might have felt alarmed at the possible consequences to your husband of reopening the inquiry," said Mr.
Betteredge, and give the necessary directions for reopening the house.
So they resolved to pay him a visit and test the improvement in his condition, although they thought it almost impossible that there could be any; and they agreed not to touch upon any point connected with knight-errantry so as not to run the risk of reopening wounds which were still so tender.
The 10-year reopening (auction Monday) was put at $21 B, down from the $24 B new issue size from the February refunding, but $1 B larger than the January reopening.
The reopening of the station in Independent Minister Shane Ross's constituency in Stepaside, south Dublin, sparked huge controversy.
The KP government had appealed to the apex court against the PHC order regarding reopening of the centers.
It is not unusual as every year thin attendance is recorded on the very first day after reopening of schools.
FURTHER to yesterday's letter in The Gazette on Boosbeck abattoir: The parish councillor is correct that if people who purchased properties before the reopening of the abattoir were advised that the abattoir would never reopen they could have a case for compensation.
The reopening was marked by protests, though early reports said a large majority of the parents of students studying in the school were in favour of reopening the school.